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Key Features for GMAT Coaching:

  • Online live classes over weekends: At the luxury of attending it right from your home or anywhere.
  • Access to video-recorded classes and study material: So you do not miss much even if you miss a class due to some professional or personal exigency.
  • Personalized attention: Only 3-5 students per class
  • Best in class and well-researched study material: 30 hours of classroom learning, over 1000 solved GMAT like questions of varying difficulty, multiple full-length tests and doubt solving sessions.
  • Access to online classes and study material for full one year

You can choose the date and timings to register for free Online GMAT preview class from the table below

Date Timings

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Course details

  1. Full course
  2. Only quantitative course
  3. Only verbal course

The services details are summarized below.

  Hours No. of classes Fee (INR)
Full Course

  • 30+ hours study module
    • 28 hours of theory classes
    • Free 1 hour session on AWA section
    • Free 1 hour session on IR section
  • 200+  topic wise practice problems
  • 500+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length GMAT Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions
  • 30 min strategy capsule section 1-2 weeks before your GMAT exam
  • Free evaluation of 3 AWA essays
30 hours 15 Classes
(8 Verbal+ 6 Quant +
1 IR
& AWA )
25,000 + 18% GST
Verbal + AWA & IR

  • 18+ hrs of theory classes
  • 130+  topic wise practice problems
  • 300+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length GMAT Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions
  • Free evaluation of 3 AWA essays
  • Free video guide on AWA section
  • Free session on tackling IR section
18 hours 9 Classes
(8 Verbal +
1 AWA and IR)
15,000 + 18% GST
Quant + AWA & IR

  • 12+ hrs of theory classes
  • 120+  topic wise practice problems
  • 200+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length GMAT Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions
  • Free video guide on AWA section
  • Free session on tackling IR section
14 hours 7 Classes
(6 Quant + 1 AWA and IR)
13,000 + 18% GST

General Education offers three options of GMAT Counselling services to help you choose the most optimized preparation option based upon your specific requirements and desired comprehensiveness of preparation.

Single Session Q/V (1 class)

  1. Candidate can also go for a single class if they feel that they need more practice on a particular area.
  2. Candidate will be provided with the Study material of the class for which they are availing the services.
  3. Duration of the class will be similar to that of a regular class.
  4. A charge for a single session is 2,500 + 18% GST.

Teaching Methodology for GMAT Coaching

GMAT Counselling is a highly competitive which focuses mainly on test taker’s logical thought process and problem solving skills. It is very important to know the shortcuts and strategize your timing accordingly, but they alone are not going to take a test taker too far in GMAT.  Through rigorous research and studies, General Education’s team has studied GMAT  tutorials and question patterns spanning over more than a decade and have prepared the GMAT questions and answers, which will be discussed and solved during the classes.

General Education has developed following  5 pronged S.P.A.R.K technique to help you nail the GMAT test format and achieve a 700+ GMAT score.

  • Strategize – Foundation building through well strategized 38+ hours of online classroom deliveries on concepts,  course theory, short cuts, GMAT do’s & don’ts by subject matter experts
  • Practice– 200+ Topic wise examples delivered in class to test and strengthen concepts learned
  • Accelerate– 500+ GMAT like solved questions of varying difficulty levels which will take your preparation level above the GMAT threshold requirement
  • Review – 6 full length simulated Online GMAT mock tests to review your concept strength, speed and durability
  • Kill – A must have 30 min pep talk with a GMAT test expert just 1-2 weeks before your GMAT exam to give you that much required final boost and strategy capsule to ace the GMAT test.

Mode of Classroom Delivery

  • GMAT classes are conducted over Cisco WebEx meeting software that features following facilities to enrich the classroom experience of the participants
  • Whiteboard facility – Where participants can use the whiteboard window to type the text and draw schematics
  • Voice chat – A computer with a good internet connection, headphone and a microphone is required which will enable the participant to interact with the instructor.
  • Recording of whiteboard and voice – Recordings of the classes will be shared with the participants to refer.

Material/Additional facilities provided – Study materials that will be supplied by General Education are as follows

  • (Questions + Answers + Explanations) to be practiced in each class
  • Additional practice (Questions + Answers + Explanations)
  • Reading material
  • 6 Computer Adaptive Tests
  • Individual doubt clearing sessions with the instructor.
  • Recordings of the classes

Class schedule – Classes are conducted usually over the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The usual class timings are from 10:30 hr to 12:30 usually, but are subject to change based on the request of participants and availability of instructor. This implies full course demands around 8 to 12 weeks.

Total no. of hours ~ 30 hours.

Class Size – Typical online class size is limited to 3-5 participants to provide personalized attention to the participants

Register for the GMAT Tutorials

Register yourself for full course by paying course service fee.

  • Please write to us at to know about the free preview session and bank details to which you can pay and start for the course.
  • Use one of the following three methods to transfer funds
    • Online transfer (this is the easiest and most preferred method)
    • Check deposit
    • Cash deposit in the bank account provided

If you are located outside India

  • You may use PayPal to transfer the fees. The account details will be provided on request

Important: Please put your name in comments/description section while depositing funds to help us match your identity against the deposit.

Note on Fees:

  • The service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service.
  • According  to  the  consumption  (according  to  the  number  of  classes  attended  and material shared) – the amount would be adjusted if required
  • Services bought in March are non-adjustable due to accounting complexities of year end
  • Services bought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year
  • The service is assumed to be consumed according to following:
    • Service will stand consumed according to class by class basis, as many classes, that much fee (pro-rated) will stand consumed in service
    • Any adjustment of fee will be done according to the classes attended (pro-rated basis)

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First step towards your MBA from a top global B-School is GMAT preparation and it holds an enormous value in every step of your admission process. It is very important to dedicate maximum time for your GMAT preparation if you are aiming to be in top global Business School. We at General Education through our best GMAT coaching in India, offer online live modules to get a real time classroom feel, sitting at your home. These Online GMAT Classes are designed especially for the working professional who gets a day or two in a week to refresh their minds amidst their busy work schedule. This mode will help you to attend the classes from any part of the world. We take great pride in bringing you the best GMAT Online coaching India has to offer. If you are interested in finding the most dependable assistance on GMAT preparation in India, look no further. When it comes to GMAT online preparation, India has many options but the question is how many of those are reliable. However, you do not have to be apprehensive about selecting the best GMAT online coaching in India, we are here to provide you with top-notch GMAT coaching in India.

Referral discounts

We offer a “referral amount” scheme for the customers who are availing our services. As our customer, if you refer someone who avails General Education’s services, for every successful customer referral, you will receive a service credit/cash equivalent of unto 10% of your referral’s application fee. You can keep on adding progressive discounts by referring as many unique customers as you want.