How Can We Help You

With thousands of applicants each year, the race for getting admits in Top MiM programs is getting tougher. Getting into a top school does matter as there’s a big difference in salary, full time employment opportunities and prestige. One decision can totally change your future for good.

A 730+ score does not guarantee an admit in a top school anymore as the admission committee of schools look for more rounded profiles. If you are from India or China, you will be competing against a talented pool of applicants with better scores and more work experience than you.There’s no need to worry because GenedMiM can help you stand out in every way and shine in front of the admission committee. What more! We can also help you get scholarships worth over 50,000 €.

Remember you are directly competing with 10,000+ applicants who apply for the MiM programs each year.

GenedMiM will help you stand out from the crowd!

  • Served over 1000 applicants – Our applicants come from across the globe
  • 11 years+ of consultation experience – Our clients are alumni of top B-schools
  • Services tailored to your need – GenedMiM promises personalised services and 100% satisfaction