While you are preparing for your dream B-school admission, there are a bundle of things you must take care of. From admission process to documents, work experience to awards and accolades, extracurricular activities to other different requirement but along with this all, there is one more thing you always worry about i.e. your GMAT Score.

Checking with the right GMAT score gets very tough and most of times you always remain confused whether you have a good GMAT score or not, whether the B-school will accept you or not, what to do if you have low GMAT score, what to do if it’s high or even it’s too high? There are plenty of queries you have to suffer through. That’s why we are here to assist you with your GMAT score related queries.

What is Good GMAT score?

Every business school has its own bracket where some of them really don’t value much to this aspect. They just demand for a good candidate with intellectual skills rather than just focusing on the score.

However, there is a certain bracket which separates a decent number of score. If you want to take admission in the top 10 business schools in America, you need a score of at least 715 to be competitive.

For the perspective on this, 715 is the minimum and the highest scale score you can get on the GMAT score is 800.

There are also verbal and quantitative sections which have scaled the score up to 800. Right after you take the GMAT, you will receive these final scores right on the test day. So you need 715 out of 800 to take admission on top 10 B-schools.

Schools have own stated that the GMAT score may vary from year to year. So, what’s that good GMAT score is what defines this abstruse and perplexing standard? Can the good and average GMAT score be different?

When we talk about good versus bad GMAT score, there are lots of questions which need an answer. A good GMAT score of one person may not be same as good GMAT score for another person. So it depends on person to person. So now the question is, what is the good score for you? Before we start evaluating, let’s discuss more in broad strokes.

GMAT Scores Percentile

GMAT is scored from 200 to 800. Around two third of the students score 400 to 600 in their exams. As per GMAC team, the GMAT score percentiles unveil the link between the GMAT score and the percentile of the candidates who takes the GMAT.

What’s High GMAT Score, Low GMAT Score & Average GMAT Score?

If you currently have 600, 650 would be huge which will push you from 59th percentile to the 76th percentile. Similarly from 680 to 710, is pushed by Please mention the right percentile. 680 to 710 would be the huge crossing. If you take your GMAT once and score higher than 700, your “academic achievement application” is checked. At some top business schools, needed score can be 700+ range.

Have a low GMAT score? Want to increase?

If you strongly believe in yourself, then retake your GMAT and achieve higher. Note down all the mistakes which you did in the last attempt and do better this time. Preparation and studying in a right way is the best way to improve your GMAT score…or you can also search for the specified B-schools (there are many) which offers admission to candidates with low GMAT score.