Reviews on MBA Application Assistance

At General Education we take care of the applicants MBA dreams. Our consultants spend ample time with them to understand their career goals and aspirations. We work hand in hand with the applicants to give their application a personal, yet a professional touch. With more than 70% success rate, we have been receiving enormous feedback and appreciations for the consulting and helping the applicants fulfill their MBA aspiration. We could deliver superior quality for the services we offer and our customers are overwhelmed with our support which made them write a few words about us as a token of appreciation.

Hi Anirvan,
I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support that you provided. I really appreciate the way you helped me articulate my thoughts in the application, and also how you helped me with my interview preparation. Usually during the IIMA interviews, the faculty members go much beyond the cursory questions about the candidate’s essays, job and industry. While it was impossible to have practiced all the questions that I could have been asked during my interview, I believe what really helped me was the tips that you gave me on structuring my thought process and then responding.
I’m really happy that I took your help for my B-school application, and would enthusiastically recommend your services to any B-school aspirants whom I may come across.
Thanks again. I’m sending you a connection request on Linkedin to stay in touch with you!
Best Regards,
Ashu N A.

Name Ashu N A
GMAT Score 740
Work EXP 10+ years
Admitted To IIMA-PGPX
Ashu Nitin Anant|
Dear Members of the General Education Team,
It gives me immense pleasure to thank you all for your services and Anirvan for his “serious and brilliant” counselling. He was indeed very professional and accommodating.
Enjoyed working and learning during the process.
I can reaffirm that I made the right decision by choosing GE for my applications.Gratitude & best regards,
Parul Sharma

Name Parul Sharma
GMAT Score 700
Work EXP 10+ years
Admitted To MIT Sloan
Parul Sharma|

I appreciate the immense help that General Education provided in outlining my b school selection and application process. Through your experienced consultant, I was able to prepare a crisp and well structured essay and resume customized to my career history and intended career path. Such a process has resulted in me getting accepted to University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with an entire year’s scholarship and half of the tuition for the second year. I thank you for all the assistance provided and I would heartily recommend your services to anyone else gearing up for their b school applications.
Thank you once again and I look forward to a fruitful association with you.

Name Karan Deshmukh
GMAT Score 720
Work EXP 7 Years
Admitted To University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business
Karan Deshmukh |

Hi General Education Team,

I am happy to inform you that I have got an admit from ISB and Michigan Ross School of Business. And I have also got the scholarship of Rs. 10,00,000 for ISB and 40,000 USD for Michigan Ross.

I am very pleased with the Mock Interview service provided by Gen-Ed. The consultants assigned to me were excellent and asked me good quality mock interview questions and provided valuable feedback. Also, the cost of the mock interview service is lower than US services. I would recommend this service to aspiring MBA applicants.

Name Anonymous
GMAT Score 720
Work EXP 7 Years
Admitted To Michigan Ross and ISB

I have some great news! I got into both INSEAD and HBS. Just got the news from HBS at noon today.
I basically decided to apply to HBS on December 24th and the deadline was on January 10th so it was a very intense process but luckily they only ask for four essays and all the essays and thinking I did for the INSEAD application helped a lot.
I just wanted to thank you and say that I was really grateful for all your help and insight and how you were there anytime I needed help.

Name Christina
GMAT Score 740
Work EXP
Admitted To HBS

Christina |USA  Admitted in HBS (Harvard Business School) 

Worked with Rajit (HBS MBA graduate)
Thanks a lot for your help. I received interview call from Wharton. I have scheduled my interview on 16th March in Delhi.
I have started browsing through internet to prepare for interview however your help in this regard would be sincerely appreciated.

Name Devendra
GMAT Score 680
Work EXP 6 Years
Admitted To Selected for Wharton Interview

Devendra | India  Called for Wharton Interview 

Worked with Rajit (HBS MBA graduate)
Thanks Rajit. Time to prepare for next stage

Name Vikram
GMAT Score
Work EXP 5 Years
Admitted To Wharton

Vikram | India  Waitlisted at Harvard Business School, admitted to Wharton 

Thanks a lot to Vineet Shekhar and General Education team. I would like to thank you heaps for your help and continued assistance! I remember while writing the LBS essays I was trying to be dynamic and change too many things, in hope for improving upon them but without a proper guidance. The hardest parts of the entire LBS application were the essays that were turning out to be nightmares for me. Your deep analysis and wisdom, prompt replies and highlighting finer mistakes in my essays resulted in a flawless final draft of my application essays. The LBS essays also set a ground for all other essays I wrote for other Business Schools. Irrespective of the results, which I am hoping to be positive, I believe that it was a phenomenal team work and a great guidance by you.
Thank you once again.

Name Sahil Mittal
GMAT Score 710
Work EXP 4 Years
Admitted To Selected for Interview at LBS and ISB


Sahil Mittal  LBS application 

Prior to starting applications last year, I was quite oblivious and distorted with many questions running through my head viz. how to go about, which schools to apply, which schools would suit my profile, how do I market myself appropriately, how much details to give, how do I manage within the word limit?

All I knew is that with a 660 GMAT, my application is gotta [sic] be substantial! But the question was How? I didn't know from where to start. I knew I needed help! I got in touch with Gen-Ed based on some impressive testimonials I read on their site. At first impression, they seemed quite welcoming compared to other obstinate counselors.

My expectations from the counselor were simple Good knowledge of B-school expectations, quality time, assistance with ideating and tremendous patience! I knew I was in the right hands the day I started working with Pankaj. He fulfilled all my expectations with 200% commitment and focus.

The most important part of the application is to come up with the RIGHT content for it. This is where Pankaj's experience was outstanding. He patiently reasoned every point with me till I was convinced. He not only helped me think right but also ensured that I portrayed it with the appropriate justifications. His ability understand the essay expectations and guide your thought process accordingly is very commendable. At the end of it, I was able to build on application substantially well and was very convinced with the output!

Finally, it did pay off! I was admitted to 2 of the most coveted B-schools in the world INSEAD and ISB.

After the extremely positive experience, I also took their services for scholarship applications. I was granted a scholarship of Eur 25,000 from INSEAD!
In totality, I highly recommend Gen-Ed as a very experienced MBA counselor with substance! They might be a little steep, but its [sic] totally worth every penny if you compare them to other relatively cheaper counselors who turn out to be mere editors!

Name Namrata Chotrani
GMAT Score 660
Work EXP 4.3 Years
Admitted To INSEAD and ISB

Ms. C N  Shortlisted in INSEAD and ISB. Admitted in INSEAD with scholarship of 25000 EURO 

GMAT Score improved by 150
Thanks a lot to Akshat and General Education team. Twelve days back I was @ 540. Thanks a ton for your encouragement and support Akshat. I was completely planning to drop the idea of giving GMAT a fortnight back, but thanks to General Education for making it possible to score 700+ in my GMAT exam. Their GMAT preparation online certainly helped me achieve this.

Ashish | GMAT Preparation  GMAT Scoring improved by 150 

Hi Anoop,
I have got an admit from Kelley school of Business with a GraduateAssistantship for 2 years. As you know I also have an admit from Mays business school. Admit from both schools has confused me as Kelley is a highly ranked school and Mays is an averagely ranked one.
But Kelley is costing me 52 lacs (even after including scholarship and GA) and Mays is costing me 27 lacs (including the scholarship).
Mays's low cost and the career opportunities that Texas provides as compared to Indiana are currently pulling me towards Mays but the GA and the Kelley brand are pulling me towards Kelley.
Would be great if you can throw some light on these schools that would help me in decision making.

Name Prashant
GMAT Score 690
Work EXP 5 Years
Admitted To Kelley and Interview call from Texas A&M

Prashant | India  Admitted to Kelley and Mays School of Business 

I am both excited and tempted to share that I have been recently admitted in Boston University School of Management with a scholarship of over $50,000. Much of this is credited to Vineet Shekhar, one of the directors of General Education and the overall assistance I received in every step of my application from the entire team. Vineet, despite his schedules has worked really hard with me from conceptualization to tailor fitting my application for the school to meet its stringent application timelines. Working with General Education has been a deciding factor in my success and I couldn’t have been asked for more refined and professional assistance. General Education’s vast experience, legacy & insight in ensuring a successful B-School application is exceptional. They are truly a partner in success.

Name Milind Agarwal
GMAT Score 710
Work EXP 8 Years
Admitted To Boston University School of Management

Milind Agarwal  Admitted in BU (Boston University School of Management) 

Hi Abhinav and General Education
Thanks a lot for your support. Got another admit from MIT......
This one means a lot for me. A big thanks to Abhinav, especially for motivating me.
Must say what a journey it was. Here is the list of interviews and admits I got:
1. ISB Interview
2. Alberta Admit
3. University Of Oklahoma (Price College) Admit21000 USD Scholarship!!!
4. IIM U Shortlisted
5. MIT
Thanks Abhinav and General Education team. It would have been difficult without you, with such a low GMAT Score.

Name  Archit
GMAT Score  610
Work EXP  4 Years
Admitted To  MIT Supply Chain Management , Alberta and University of Oklahoma with USD 21000 scholarship

Archit  Admitted to Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI), Univ of Alberta, Univ Of Oklahoma with USD 21,000 Scholarship 

Hi Deep,
Thanks for all the help.Got all the admits, made it to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program at Heinz College,CMU. Which I am considering on priority, also made it to Kelley, ASU, Texas - McCombs, University of Cincinnati.

Name Amar
GMAT Score 660
Work EXP 3.5 Years
Admitted To Heinz College CMU,Kelley, ASU, Texas - McCombs, University of Cincinnati.

Amar  Admitted to CMU - Heinz College, Kelley, McCombs, ASU, Cincinnati for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program 

Hi Rohit,
I do have an exciting update. I have been accepted to the ISB PGPMAX program. Classes start in August and go on until November next year.
Thanks so much for your assistance. Please feel free to share your thoughts on specific courses that I would need to focus on in your opinion during the PGPMAX program so I can carry out advanced study as well as spend extra time on the same.
Thanks again for your guidance & Thanks to General Education for helping me to get ISB PGPMAX admit

Name Srinivas
GMAT Score ----
Work EXP 13 Plus Years
Admitted To ISB PGPMAX

Srinivas  Admitted in ISB PGPMAX (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives) 

I took the Full application evaluation service of General Education and am happy to say that it benefited me immensely in getting the final admit offer from the Said business school (Oxford university). Right from the selection of the B-Schools to apply to the mock interview, the process was mentored by Vineet Shekhar who helped me understand the expectations of B-Schools from the application and then prepare accordingly. The step by step feedback on the essay drafts provided by him helped me greatly in the introspection of my strengths which I was able to highlight effectively in the final submitted essays. Thanks to Vineet for his persistent and patient efforts which helped me bring out the best in me in the application, without which it really wouldn't have been possible.

Name Amol Mishra
GMAT Score
Work EXP 4 Years
Admitted To Oxford Business School

Amol Mishra  Admitted in Oxford Saïd Business School 

Work Experience – 16 Years Undergrad Institute – Amravati University
GMAT Score – 690 Latest Company working for – Colruyt IT Consultancy India Pvt Ltd

Hi Anirvan, Karuna, Anoop,
I received my admission offer letter from IIMA today 29th Oct. I received offer from both schulich and IIMA. I would like to thank you all for your great support.

Anirvan da, its great working with you on my applications. Thanks a ton boss for being there all the time during the application phase and your valuable insights.

Name Pankaj
GMAT Score 690
Work EXP 16 Years
Admitted To IIMA


Admitted to Michigan Ross, Cornell, CMU Tepper and UT Austin

Work Experience – 50 Months Undergrad Institute – Vellore Institute of Technology
GMAT Score – 710 Latest Company working for – Renewable Energy Development

Hi team,
Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to inform you of the developments on my side. I have admits from CMU Tepper, Michigan Ross, UT Austin and Cornell Johnson. I have $40000 scholarship from Tepper as well. Thank you for all your support and guidance.

Name Apoorva
GMAT Score 710
Work EXP 50 Months
Admitted To Michigan Ross

Selected as top 50 finalist for Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai MBA Fellowship Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Mr. U.M

Work Experience – 7 Years Undergrad Institute – Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune
GMAT Score – 690 Latest Company working for – Infrastructure organization

Hi Suman,
I have been selected for the top 50 finalist for the Reliance Stanford MBA Fellowship Program. Thanks a ton for your help!!
Need to apply for the first round, due October 2nd. Will keep you posted on the same.
Also, visiting Stanford next week :)

Thanks again!

Name Umang Maheshwari
GMAT Score 690
Work EXP 7 Years
Admitted To  Selected as top 50 finalist for Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai MBA Fellowship Program

Admitted to INSEAD

Mr. A.A

Work Experience – 36 Months Undergrad Institute – IIT
GMAT Score – 710 Latest Company working for – Finance Industry

I would like to thank Abhinav and the team of Gen-Ed for their help with my applications. Abhinav was a great help and his willingness to review essays at short notice was critical for me to be able to apply to all the schools I wanted to cover. His frank and open style helped me cut down the flab and drill down into what exactly I wanted to say on my essays. I would definitely recommend him as a consultant.

Finding the right consultant is very important but tricky. On flagging the problem to Gen-Ed’s team, they were extremely proactive and helpful. Abhinav’s quick turnaround times helped me save the day by applying to more schools in Round 2.

Name Mr. A.A
GMAT Score 710
Work EXP 36 Months
Admitted To

Mr. A.G

I have cleared the INSEAD interview. It would not have been possible without general ed.
Many thanks to General Education for help. Both Karuna and Pamli were helpful and extremely efficient and I will certainly be recommending GenEd to friends.

Pamli consistently led me to introspect and look at the larger picture, patiently read through my drafts and gave insightful comments on logical structure of essays.

Name Aditi Gandhi
GMAT Score 760
Work EXP 4 Years
Admitted To INSEAD

Ms. Sangeetha J

Hi General Education team,

Without Anirvan’s guidance i wouldn’t have reached this far, i am grateful to Anirvan for his time and support. Happy to inform you that i have been admitted to Sloan program of MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan School of Management.

Bunch of my friends are going to ask for Anirvan’s time next year as soon as they complete their GMATs :-)

Name Ms. Sangeetha J
GMAT Score 650
Work EXP 12 Years
Admitted To MIT Sloan

Sangeetha J


I am pleased to share that I have cleared the INSEAD interview and has got an admit. I will be joining the Sep intake batch next year. I would like to thank the consultants of General Education for the brilliant work they with me for my application essays. Starting with Rajit who gave a direction to my plans which later made me realize what I was doing wrong earlier.

Special thanks to Pamli for being extremely helpful, insightful, methodic in her approach. She has been patient all throughout the process and extended all the possible help I could ever imagine. Now when I look back at my essays, they do make me feel good about myself :-). Concise yet impactful.

Name  Dushyant
GMAT Score
Work EXP 6 Years
Admitted To INSEAD

Thanks a ton once again! Look forward to keep in touch with you guys.

And many more…

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