Integrated MBA Application Package (IMAP- 6 Schools Packages)

IMAP is a comprehensive MBA Application Service which helps the applicants to analyze the right B-School and prepare the application with the assistance of the expert consultants.

Who should avail IMAP Service?

IMAP is designed for candidates who are looking to apply to 6 schools of which they stand a good chance of getting the admission.


IMAP is a comprehensive service to cover all the aspects of the MBA Application to top B-Schools. It includes shortlisting of B-Schools, MBA Application Essays review and editing, resume editing and two comprehensive mock interviews. For sample mba essays visit here.

MBA Counseling:

  • SWOT Analysis of your profile
  • Analyzing you career goals and interests
  • Shortlisting the right B-Schools to match your needs

Application Essay Editing:

  • Brainstorming session to throw light on the essay structure, the necessary points to be included in the application essay for mba based on your career goals and work experience. This usually happens over Cisco WebEx, Skype or Telephone
  • Evaluating the MBA Essay drafts prepared by the applicants by the consultant to minimize the mistakes and maximize the effectiveness
  • Feedback and discussions on the other aspects of MBA application and to prepare good mba essays

Resume Editing:

  • Create well-structured resume to impress the Adcom
  • Analyzing the strength, weakness, achievements, interests etc. to add strength to your profile
  • Multiple review and feedback session to get the best output

Two Mock Comprehensive Interview Preparation Service:

  • Interviews also play an important role in the admission process. Our consultants help the application to prepare for the interviews in a comprehensive manner
  • Personalized and School specific questionnaires will be provided
  • 2 brainstorming session to prepare your answers for the questions provided
  • Review of the Questionnaire and answers by the consultant
  • 2 Mock interview(1 hour each) and 2 feedback session( 1 hour each)


INR 115,000 plus 18% GST applicable – 6 B-School Applications

Note on Fees:

  • The service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service.
  • According to the consumption assumptions given at the end of each service – the amount would be adjusted if required
  • Services bought in March are non-adjustable due to accounting complexities of year end
  • Services bought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year.