Who can take B-School Shortlisting Service?

  • Individuals pursuing undergraduate courses and wants to know which B-Schools they can apply
  • People with work experience curious to know which B-Schools are right fit for them based on their profile.
  • People in the process of applying to top B-Schools and confused where to apply?

Scope of B-School Shortlisting Service

During B-School Shortlisting service, we consider the following things:

  • Understanding your profile in a thorough manner (figuring out your strengths, weaknesses etc.)
  • Brainstorming about your short term and long term career goals and ambitions.
  • Selecting and shortlisting B-Schools based on your overall profile.

Service engagement framework

1. You are expected to share the following artifacts with our expert MBA application consultants:

  • One page CV
  • A simple write up on your career ambitions
  • Essay or application drafts (if already prepared)
  • Any responses from any B-School’s admissions committee (if already applied)
  • A short note (few bullet points) on your anticipations from this B-School shortlisting service i.e. what do you expect to achieve from the B-School shortlisting session.

2. We will schedule a one hour brainstorming session with one of our expert admission consultants. The counseling session will be organized to explore about your personal and professional background, your post MBA career ambitions etc.

3. Another half an hour discussion (if it is required) may be planned to help you realize a perspective of why, what and how the recommendations will be integrated.

Pricing for School Selection


B-schools Shortlisting Tips and Guide


Referral discounts

We offer a “referral amount” scheme for the customers who are availing our services. As our customer, if you refer someone who avails General Education’s services, for every successful customer referral, you will receive a service credit/cash equivalent of unto 10% of your referral’s application fee. You can keep on adding progressive discounts by referring as many unique customers as you want.