MBA Application Package (MAP) – 3 Schools & Resume

MAP is a typical 3 School MBA application service that assists applicants secure admission in one of the top 50 B Schools. It comprises of 3 Schools application/essay editing service and resume editing service. As a bundled service it is highly cost effective Vis a Vis consuming distinct individual schools writing MBA essays and other additional services like resume editing and interview preparation.

Who can take 3 B-school Application Package?

People applying for top global B-Schools and looking for a certain admission opportunity from their dream B-Schools.


Our expert MBA admission consultants deliver comprehensive application guidance to applicants for applying to 3 B-Schools.

Basically, MAP is an integrated delivery of 3 B-School application essay editing and resume editing service. MAP combines different levels and elements of MBA application to give a complete successful experience to the applicant. For sample mba essays visit here.

Following are the main features of the MBA Application Package (MAP) provided by General Education.

Application Essays Editing for 3 B-Schools:

  • Brainstorming sessions to evaluate the entire profile of the candidate and creating the essay approach, analyzing the MBA application essay drafts, performing frequent telephonic/Skype interactions with the candidate assisting them create the entire pitch that an applicant would require to communicate before the admission committee of his/her focused B-School
  • Review of essays for mba. Our team of consultants also makes sure that the applicant’s essays are extensively evaluated and polished to suit the expected requirements of the targeted B-School and that it should get noticed among the huge pool of applicants and shaping them to really good mba essays.
  • Discussion on any other aspects related to MBA application information

Resume Editing Service:

  • Knowing your Profile in a thorough manner.
  • Determining out your strengths and weaknesses, your areas of passion, hobbies and interests, awards and achievements etc.
  • A couple of excellent draft resumes would be provided to give a flavour of well-prepared resumes.
  • Modify the resume drafts (2-3 times) to create an outstanding resume.


INR 60,000 plus 18% GST applicable

Note on Fees:
Service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service
Service brought in March is non-adjustable due to year-end accounting complexities.
Services brought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year.
According to consumption, assumptions given at the end of each service amount would be adjusted if required.