The Sloan Fellows program is a mid-career MBA program. It’s mainly focused on general management and leadership. There are three business schools that provide Sloan fellows program mainly – MIT Sloan School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business and London Business School.  Sloan program targets experienced managers who have shown achievement within the organizations or independently as entrepreneurs.

Sloan Fellows program include a right mix of industrial and self-motivated candidates. Typically experienced managers gets more benefits from these programs. And the program is “transformational”, the original plan is to prepare successful directors for senior business management positions.

Class Profile of MIT, Stanford and LBS Sloan Fellows Programs:

MIT Sloan Fellows Program
Stanford Sloan MSx Program
LBS Sloan Masters Program
Minimum experience 10 years 8 years 12 years
Average experience 14 years 12 years 19 years
Class size 110 83 64
Tuition Fee $132,500 $128,400 £65,900

1. Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy

2. MIT Sloan Fellows Program MBA or MS

3. Sloan Fellows Program