If you are looking ahead for an ideal platform to pursue your MBA programs then IMD (the International Institute for Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland) is here with its upcoming MBA admissions deadlines.

And to help the individuals to get entry for the next intake, the Associate Director of MBA Admissions and Marketing head at IMD, Lisa Piguet is here with a bunch of tips. Let’s just check them out and secure your admit for the MBA program in IMD.

  1. When it comes to IMD, an applicant needs to focus more on his/her achievements because International Institute for Management Development itself is a very achievement-oriented B-School. So when you write your application, don’t forget to mention your achievements while writing an application.
  2. At IMD, business orientation is a major focal point. If your professional background is not usually linked with the business such as engineering, you need to elicit as much business as you can while writing your application.
  3. Since IMD believes in creating leaders, candidate must have leadership quality within their application. Irrespective of direct or indirect mode, or even outside of work, you must have experience of managing things as the leader on the ground level. This would help you make your way to MBA admissions in the institute.
  4. Apart from that, the Institute also wants to know you as a person. So make sure to include your personal interests and hobbies etc in IMD MBA essays to stand out during admission process.
  5. Moreover, recommendation letter should come from the supervisors, managers-people for whom you have worked previously. This helps the selection committee at IMD to know your previous background or track record. They also want to evaluate business intelligence and the potential-recommenders must be able to articulate to that.