MBA Applications to the top B-Schools is a complicated process.  Adcom tries to find a reason to reject you rather than to select you. You need to be extra careful while preparing your applications. However candidates still get rejected and they do not know what exactly the reason for getting dinged. Our consultant analyzes your complete application and finds the possible reasons for the rejection. This will help you to strengthen your weak areas of application and create a flawless application.

Who should take the Ding Analysis?

Applicants who got a reject or did not receive any information on the interview date or selection after the interview from the admissions committee even after the decision making date.


An MBA ding analysis is an introspective analysis of why your candidature was not accepted. Some B-Schools provide detailed application feedback when the candidate is rejected but some do not. However, the analysis will have an unbiased opinion on why you were not accepted. One of our MBA admission consultants will thoroughly review the application to analyze the probable reasons of rejection with a particular B-School. (Turnaround time for reviewing the application is one week)

The deliverable from our MBA application consultants would be a verbal feedback either on Webex,Skype or Telephone on the probable reasons of rejection, how to position the candidate as a re-applicant (for the same school next year) and how to significantly improve the application essays/overall application for applying to B-Schools in future.


Rs 5,900 (5000 + 18% GST)

(Rs 2,000 will be waived off if MBA Full Application Evaluation service is availed)