Minimum Experience

Application Open

Application Deadline

IIM A PGPX 5-7 years 3rd week-end of April 10 August
IIM B EPGP 5 years 1 June 31 August
IIM C PGPEX 5 years 27 June 31 August
IIM L IPMX 6 years 3 July 30 September
IIM Indore EPGP 5 years Already started 24 June

IIMs are considered to be one of the premium institutes in India which provide quality education and real time corporate exposure. With the establishment of IIM’s in 1961 at Kolkata, Indian corporate world was looking at strengthening their managerial quality by hiring the IIM graduates. From then IIMs have contributed strongly towards the Indian and international market. Now the executive programs at the IIMs are considered as one of the best in India and also competing among the top global B-Schools.

IIMs are providing opportunity for MBA aspirants who have a work experience and corporate exposure. The programs are designed to compete with any top MBA program across the globe and also have a similar admission process which constitutes of GMAT, Application Essays and Interview. To get more information on specific campus and program please click on the school names in the above table.