When it comes to get admit from top-notch B-Schools like NYU Stern, there are a lot of things an aspiring MBA applicant has to bear in mind beyond than just GMAT Scores, MBA Application, Essays, and Work Experience.

Admission committee or admission officers nowadays are more interesting in perceiving the other side of your character. They are interested in the candidates who are not just good in numbers but are also well associated with the extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are your non-academic, non-professional activities that you participate in. These activities could be anything from your hobbies to the arts, sports to the volunteering activities or even your community service.

Extracurricular activities/achievements make your MBA application more vibrant

When you have some other interesting activities mentioned in your NYU Stern MBA Application, it makes it sound more appealing and impactful. When admission committee sees that you are more than just a boring 9 to 6 working employee but also have been a national level skating player or a footballer, he automatically shows interest in you.

Extracurricular Activities: Show that you are committed

When you mention that you have been teaching guitar to students as a freelance teacher for last 8 years, it shows that you are committed, reliable and a dependable person.

Extracurricular Activities: Demonstrate your passion and creativity

To make your way to NYU Stern, it’s important to be creative. So, you can add your summer camp experience with the under-privileged kids or the time when you travelled to a different country to run a vaccination camp. Though these experiences don’t relate to your business but they can easily demonstrate your passion and creativity.

Extracurricular Activities:  Demonstrate your leadership, organisational as well as initiative skills

Let’s take the above given example. When you’re doing the vaccination camp in any country, what steps you took to set up the camp? Who came up with this idea? What kind of activities you planned and executed with the kids? And how you took the initiative to start the campaign? Did you raise the funds? How you approached the people to dole out the money? This will show that you are thoughtful, inspirational leader and have great organisational skills.

Extracurricular activities added in your MBA application help you get noticed by the interviewers and increase the chances of your selection among those thousands of academic students.