Let’s be honest!

The whole admission and application process for the B-schools is very stressful. Though the first hurdle of this long journey is an admission test, in most cases it is GMAT, most applicants find the essays to be one of the toughest steps of the admission process. It is not an easy task for applicants to put their experiences, goals and plans on paper. It is also very vital because not only for applicants but also for the admission officers too who get a peek into the applicant’s experiences, personality and qualities through the essays.


Essays that applicants submit to the B-schools are one of the primary sources of knowledge about the applicants for B-schools. Hence, applicants would want to show their best version in their MBA admission essays. Admission consultants can play an important in getting some load off your shoulders in essays.

The major aspects that an admission consultant would help you are the following:

  • Setting the framework for the essays and questions.
  • Selecting topics for the essays (for optional ones)
  • Deciding on what points or experiences to keep or not to keep in the essays.
  • Reviewing for language issues (spelling or grammatical mistakes)
  • Reviewing for the tone and impact of the essays.

Admission consultants can lend their expertise to the whole process. Most admission consultants generally have an experience of working with different kinds of students and B-schools. Hence, even few of the highly ranked schools like ISB essay help from admission consultants would make it relatively easy for the applicants.

It’s not only that for domestic college like ISB writing consultants would be helpful. We have writing consultants who can also help in writing an essay for some of the internationally reputed schools.


Though it is recommended for all the serious applicants to get help from an admission consultant to write the best version of their essays, if you are the following you would highly need an admission consultant.

  • If you are aspiring for an admission to a foreign or an international business school in any country which you don’t have much awareness about. You would want to get the help of an admission consultant who has experience and expertise in that region or with that Business school. You can also consult an expert consultant who is specialized in that region or school.
  • If you don’t have an adequate network in the desired business school to get an idea of their admission and essay process.
  • If you are confident about your writing or descriptive skills or don’t have much experience in writing essays previously in your life. It would only be a prudent idea to take help of a professional writing consultant to improve your chances of getting a good essay.
  • If you don’t have much time to write your essay or if you are very particular about getting into a specific business school or a specific admission round. Getting the help of a professional admission consultant might increase the chances of you getting through the next levels of admissions.
  • If your GMAT scores or your graduation GPA are not your strong points, the task of projecting your other qualities, skills and experiences that could compensate for inadequate scores would depend very heavily on your essays. An admission consultant would have an experience of dealing with such cases in the past, thus, would help in an accurate way to bring out these qualities in your essays.

Now you know how a writing consultant can help you and in what cases to approach one. Hopefully, you will take the right decision of hiring one.