Essays are undoubtedly a vital part of MBA application procedure. The admission essays are a good opportunity to show your inimitable qualifications and dedication to a career in business by talking about those experiences, events and people that persuaded you deeply.

While crafting MIT essays try new approaches and write carefully so that every line grabs the maximum attention. Here are some writing dos and don’ts for well-knitted application essays.


Share your passions: Renowned business schools are looking for passionate candidates. Thus, tell an interesting story about your passions. Be authentic and be consistent. Admission staffers read a lot of essays and they will exhale you out if you’re not genuine or unique.

Be correct and be concise: There’s no excuse for making grammatical blunders or eye-opening word limit in the essays. After completing your paper, rotate a critical eye over the paper. Remove unnecessary words. Lastly, proofread and proofread again to eliminate errors.

Research is important: Google is packed with thousands of articles with expert advice that will provide you great strategies and information on crafting a unique piece of writing. Research also comprises detail about a specific program. Ensure to bind details about the program to your objectives.

Be interesting: The MIT application essays are difficult than the writing assignments done by you in school. Please don’t treat them as a Q & A round; your story must be interesting for readers. For instance, a story about your failure, achievements or your struggle with different challenges can be gripping.


Say NO to heavy industry jargons or acronyms: Think as a reader here! If a reader can’t get deeply into your story then they will surely miss the main points. Don’t use obscure industry jargons to explain your work as vague terminology make people wonder about you.

Keep the essay sharp and simple: A lot of applicants commit this mistake. They use thrilling introduction, which eventually hurt their chances of rejection. The beginning should be sensational and more direct. Moreover, stay away from the use of flattery words.

Do not change the font size frequently: Blatant changes in font size, spacing and margin leads to chaos in writing. It is quite obvious when one application essay is in a totally different size and font than others.

Don’t disregard page or word limit completely: While there can be some flexibility in the page or word limit, but if the limit is two then don’t turn in four pages.

On the top, have faith in your abilities—believe that you have something unique to demonstrate to the admission panel.

Good Luck!