Avg. GMAT Score 709 GMAT Range 600-770
Total Applicants 0 Acceptance Rate 22
Class Size 887
(Hyderabad: 601
and Mohali: 286)
Avg. Work Experience 60
Applicant Deadlines 2019-09-01
Decision Dates
Length of Program 12 Months Placement Information
Interview preparation ISB Interview Preparation
Scholarship & Financial Aid Fees, Scholarship & Financial Aid Information for ISB

If you are seeking for Indian School of Business admission for the year 2019-20, do not forget to take note of ISB 2019 deadlines that are listed in this page. Make sure that you have your application processed in time so that you do not miss the ISB 2019-20 deadlines for your Indian School of Business admission.

ISB Essays Questions 2019-2020 (For Class of 2020-2021):

Essay Question – 1:

There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them? (400 words)
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Essay Question – 2:

What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP programme help you to achieve these goals? (400 words)
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FAQs – Important Information to Build ISB Application –

What is Average Score for ISB?

The avg. GMAT and GRE scores for the Batch of 2019 was 710 and 326 respectively. The range of GMAT was 600 to 780 and the range of GRE was 311 to 335.
Here are articles for detailed information – 
 – Avg. GMAT Score:
 – Avg. GRE Score:

Is ISB better than IIM?

ISB MBA program is for 1 year whereas IIM MBA programs offer 2 programs (admissions are taken through CAT), 1 year and 2 years. The fees for ISB is almost double that of IIMs for the 2 years program but is comparable for the 1-year program. ISB is ranked 24th in FT Rankings. IIM A, B and C feature in Top 50 FT Rankings.

Read an article on it –

How is ISB Admission Process?

ISB PGP admissions are conducted in 3 Rounds. Round 1 is on 15th Sept, 2019. Round 2 on 1 Dec.2019. Round 3 on 1 Jan, 2020. The admission process starts with submitting your profile and essays, which is followed by an in-person interview.

Applicants can apply online on ISB official website.

Can I apply to ISB with low GMAT Score?

The range of GMAT for Class of 2019 was 600 to 780 and the range of GRE was 311 to 335. Since the applications are reviewed holistically, make sure that you are compensating your low GMAT/GRE score with other aspects of your profile. Consideration is given in case of outstanding achievements or an excellent profile.

How to write effective ISB Essays?

ISB looks for diversity and well-rounded profiles. The effective way to approach the essays would be to highlight on this. We have cited few tips which can help you to write very effective essays –

  1. Essay 1 Analysis – click here
  2. Essay 2 Analysis – click here

Who can help in building ISB application?

Our ISB Alumni and Admission Experts can help evaluate your profile and address your application and essays in a way which highlight your strengths and overcome your shortcomings.
With 12 years of experience in admission consulting, we make sure that we tie in your career goals coherently with things you will learn at ISB. You can’t go wrong with us!

What is ISB PGP?

The Post Graduate Programme or PGP refers to ISB’s full-time one-year residential management programme.  For more details, please use the following read –

What is the eligibility for ISB Hyderabad?

  • ISB Hyderabad has a class size of 600.
  • Students must possess a Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) in any discipline and a min. of 2 years of full-time experience
  • A valid GMAT/GRE score.
  • TOEFL/IELTS is required for students from countries other than India.

What is the difference between ISB PGP and ISB YLP?

The ISB Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is a foundation programme that ultimately leads to the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management at the Indian School of Business. It is a deferred admission option for high potential college students pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s education.
Less than 24 months of full-time work experience (for a deferred admission through the Early Entry Option) is preferred.

– Learn more differences here –

Few aspirants successfully admitted in ISB so far…

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Under Graduation GPA 8.35 Work experience 1 year 8 months
GMAT Score 720 Industry/Sector Indian Auto Major

"Hi GenEdMBA team,
Thank you so much for your support guys! You made all the difference. I was concerned of my chances as I had average GMAT Score. It was only through your counseling sessions and essay reviews that I  was able to highlight my profile, achievements and objectives in the best manner possible leading to my selection. My admission to ISB Early Entry Option wouldn't have been possible without your support and guidance.
Best Regards

Sameer Ahuja | Admitted in ISB (2014-2015) MBA Aspirant from Delhi July 4, 2014

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Under Graduation GPA 8.1 Work Experience 4 years
GMAT Score 720 Industry/Sector Major Manufacturing and Supply Chain Co.

I have read through a couple of times the latest version we have. Please look into it one more time before we can wrap this up.
As a next step, I am planning to jot down pointers for my recommendation. Once I have it, I will get your thoughts also before asking the the team members to write the recommendation. Once the recommendation is ready, we can look into it before submitting.
In parallel, I am also going to fill up the application details, I will reach out to you at regular intervals with specific queries.
Let me know if you have any thoughts/ suggestions around this.
I am very happy with the way essays have shaped up and looking forward to building a solid application as well.
Best Regards,

N Chandra | Assisted for ISB Essays 2014-15 ISB Aspirant seeking help for ISB MBA programme. July 18, 2014