Sloan Fellows Programs are credited to be one of the most elite programs in the world. Few of the CEOs, COOs and Directors of the biggest companies of the world have been products of Sloan Fellows program. This program is designed specifically for mid-career MBA aspirants who already have a certain level of managerial exposure or who are successful independent entrepreneurs.

Sloan Fellows program was structured by one of the best universities in the world, MIT. This unique program was supported by grant by Alfred P. Sloan, who was the late CEO of General Motors. MIT was the alma mater of Alfred P. Sloan.


After MIT started the Sloan Fellows program in 1930, Stanford Graduate School of management introduced it in 1956. Eventually, this program was expanded to London business school in 1968.

Stanford Graduate School of management’s Sloan Fellow Program is no longer called that, instead in 2013; it was renamed as Stanford MSx (Master of Science in Management for Experienced Leaders).

Currently, these are the only three Business schools which offer Sloan Fellows Program. However, the students of this program are still called Sloan fellows.

Why Sloan Fellows program over an Ivy League MBA:

There are many benefits of pursuing a Sloan Fellows program when compared to pursuing a normal MBA. To start with, Sloan program typically lasts for 12 to 14 months whereas an MBA program will last for a complete 2 years.

The average class size of Sloan programs ranges from 60 to 110, whereas the average class size in an Ivy League program is between 400 and 1000. Sloan programs also emphasize on taking in more international students than normal MBA programs which gives the class an amazing diversity.

How to get an admission into Sloan Fellows programs?

Sloan Fellow programs have very tight and high-level selection process. Every aspect of the profile and background of the applicants is very closely analyzed before giving out admissions.

In the case of MIT Sloan school of Management, the application process happens three times a year. Three rounds of applications are conducted by MIT every year.

Candidates interested in the program require registering their interest through the school’s official website where they also have to upload their resume. These resumes are screened by the officers at the MIT Sloan admissions office. The shortlisted candidates then receive calls from the admissions officers for a half an hour discussion. All shortlisted candidates who have gone through the telephonic interviews get invited to a campus visit of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here the potential candidates need to go through a formal interview. For international students who can’t make it to the campus, the interviews are held in selected places globally. After these interviews, candidates will receive their letters of admission or rejection depending on their profile and performance in the interview.

On the other hand, London Business School has four rounds of applications in a year.

London Business School Sloan Fellows have a slightly different kind of approach to its admissions. After registered candidates go through preliminary discussion, resume reviews and campus visits, the shortlisted applicants for the Sloan Fellows program at LBS will have to face a personal interview with an alumnus or London Business school representative.

Difference between three big Sloan fellows Programs:

The following are the major differences among the three big Sloan fellows programs:

Minimum work experience:  MIT requires the Sloan Fellows program requires its candidates to have a minimum of ten years work experience.

Stanford Graduate school of Business Sloan Fellows program’s minimum work experience requirement is 8 years.

Whereas, London Business School needs a minimum of 15 years’ work experience.

Average Experience: Average experience in MIT Sloan fellows’ class is 14 years.

Stanford‘s average work experience is 12 years and London Business School’s average work experience stands the highest of the lot at 18 years.

Class Size:  MIT Sloan’s average class size is 110 whereas Stanford Graduate School of Business and London Business School’s average class sizes are 83 and 60 respectively.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees for MIT is the highest at $131,000 among the three high profile Sloan fellows programs. Stanford charges $116,500 from its students and London business school charges 65,900 pounds in tuition fees.

Degree awarded: MIT Sloan fellows students are awarded degrees like MBA or SM in Management or Management of Technology. Stanford Graduate School of Business awards MS in Management (MSM) degree. LSE’s degree for its Sloan fellows program is called MSc in Leadership and Strategy.