Sloan fellows programs backed by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is a mid-career master’s degree in general management which is now being conducted at three of the leading business schools, the MIT Sloan School of Management, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the London Business School (LBS).

It’s designed for the experienced managers who have established accomplishment either within organizations or autonomously as entrepreneurs. Sloan Fellows Program is the first management and leadership education program for mid-career experienced managers and executives that take their professional career to the next level.

Sloan Fellow Programs

It’s not just a program but a mission to transform the world through brilliant leadership. They are devoted to build up the moral, pioneering leaders who engender ideas that press on organization practice and change the future. Sloan is renowned for various reasonable factors including the fabulous legacy of improvement, top-notch faculty and its role in the business brain of top b-schools.

Sloan fellow programs- Holding a legacy of preparing world-class readers

As we said above Sloan is not just a mid-career master’s degree in general management but it, by and large works and carries out a legacy to build the leaders. It has consistently delivered wonderful results in the form of true leaders in top notch business schools including MIT Sloan School of Management, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the London Business School (LBS).

In this hyper-competitive market, it endows the technologies with the management expertise to coerce booming ventures. The program also works amazingly well in training executives with decisive skills to form and guide futurist organizations in the 21st century.

Sloan Fellow Profile:

  • A Sloan Fellow is a mid-career manager with at least 10 years of experience along with a proven track record of leadership and accomplishments
  • Self-motivated incorporation of organization-sponsored, consumerist and self-funded fellows
  • Keen to take a year away with a particular focus on the experiences of Sloan fellows
  • Highly motivated and globally oriented folks proffering the diverse perspectives and experiences
  • A broad spectrum of companies, industries and functional areas

Why should you go for a full-time Sloan program?

  • You get to build a huge network across the university or b-schools
  • You have a full time access to the rich resources of business schools
  • Get to meet vastly motivated individuals and develop deep relationships in a diverse community
  • Full emersion in a dynamic learning environment
  • Giving prospect for the family to also obtain a didactic life experience

As compared to the traditional full-time MBA programs, Sloan Fellow Program are more advanced and effective. See the basic norms to find the difference.

Sloan is generally a short 1 year program where you need to have minimum 8 or 13 years of experience to get the admission. The average age of candidate should be 30-35. And the non-USA students should have 60% of marks. Class size comprises between 50 and 110 candidates. As far as the degree/education qualification is concerned, a candidate should have MSC in Management (except MIT, which offers MBA too) where the influence of GMAT score on admission is very medium so you can think of having admission in an easier manner.

How the admission process is followed?

  • If you are someone who now is willing to take admission in any of three B-schools then here is the overview of overall process which you can check out
  • Initially, you need to explore the program and register online. You can do it right form your home through any device connecting over internet
  • Speak with the member of a admission team and discuss whether you professional fit into the admission criteria or not
  • GMAT/GRE required unless the applicant has accomplished university-level algebra course with an equivalent grade of B or higher
  • Interviews will be conducted by invitation in January and early February in the cities across the world
  • Decision will be communicated in the mid January or end of the march

So if you are the one who is seeking for a flourishing career or want to be a leader, Sloan fellows programs are just for you.