When it comes to your career, which is full of uncertainties and you never know when you’ll reach your desired destination. However, in this cumbersome situation, there is one way that can ensure you the timely success, in terms of professional standing, is your qualification. How you are backed with professional diplomas matters a lot. And this is where MIT Sloan Fellows Program pops up. It’s a mid-career master’s degree in general management and leadership offered by MIT Sloan School of Management.

History of MIT Sloan Fellows Program

Initially created at MIT Sloan School of Management by Alfred P. Sloan in 1930, the chairman of General Motors from 1937 to 1956, MIT Sloan Fellows Program was created with the vision of boosting the mid-career of “Ideal Manager”.

Following its grand success, it’s now become the word of mouth and is the first management and leadership education program which is specially tailored for executives and mid-career experienced managers. In 2013, name of “Sloan Fellows Program” got revised to Stanford MS that stands for Master of Science in Management for Experienced Leaders; however, participants are still called as Stanford Sloan Fellows.

Who are the Sloan Fellows?

Sloan fellows resembles to the mid-career professionals and executives who hold at least 10 years of working experience. Participants who go through with these programs earn one year diploma of MBA or MS in Management or Management of Technology. Participants from 30+ countriesindulge into this one year of intensive cooperation- the number of countries can give you the hang of how popular MIT Sloan Fellows program is.

Standard of eminence

When you get into these executive programs, you’re sure to cater the learning that goes beyond than just the numbers. To maintain the quality standard of this one year’s exclusive program, MIT Sloan ensures to add sometime special to the program’s experience. As the distinctive practice to the program, the selection committee takesvarious weeks every fall passing through the orb to congregate with the wanna-be applicants

The program will be catered to the professionals by some of the key motivators of the MIT network and the most persuasive envoys who themselves are the greatest fellows of their time. They train the participants in the broad swath of the industries from every nook and corner of the globe. Every single Sloan Fellow grasps at least one vital trait in common. It’s indeed a life changing programs that takes the joiners from scratch to top level of their prospective career.

Being one of the largest business schools of the world, its core premeditated focus is on modernism, management and global perspective.

How the selection process for MIT Sloan Fellow program is conducted?

With the strong vision of conveying a group of fellows terrene of the global leadership community, they eagerly look for the highly goaded, great performing fellows who are not satisfied with the status quo and have established their capability to upshot the transformation. MIT Sloan basically seeks for the educational, cultural, and industry miscellany. Applicants who are able to put in a valuable contribution and perspectives to this talent and innovation are always welcomed and opened to join the hub of opportunities.

Qualification requirement

If you are someone looking ahead to join the respective program to accelerate your mid career, here are some of the basic qualification requirements that one must match to make his/her way to MIT Sloan Fellows Program.

  • The applicant must demonstrate the potential and motivation towards leadership quality and must be capable to lead an established organization or managing the new venture
  • Should be able to have the dedicated approach towards pushing boundaries and tackling the challenges that are too complex for the other individuals
  • Work in a global environment or demonstrate a committed global perspective
  • He must hold an undergraduate degree along with at least 10 years of full-time, relevant, post-undergraduate work experiences excluding the internship tenure
  • Should demonstrate an outstanding performance of leadership, purposeful know-how, and a binder to cultivating and leading modernism
  • He must be devoted to one year of self-manifestation and professional development
  • He should have the competence and interest to master the scrupulous program
  • The applicant must be able to communicate effectively in English, both written and spoken