B-School selection has been a problem for almost all the MBA aspirants. There are many factors which the applicant ponders upon while selecting the B-School. It is not wise to go by the rankings always. Yes, they will definitely add a value to your profile, however the question to be answered is, does the MBA from a particular school actually help you fulfill to your goal? While selecting the B-School, make sure you apply to the right mix of schools. Always give priority to your dream B-Schools and also analyze your realistic changes among the other B-Schools. Major factors to be considered while selecting the B-School are:

a.    GMAT score : Try and select the school after considering your GMAT score and GMAT range of the particular school. You may definitely apply to the school which has a higher average GMAT score, but to ensure admission; your profile, work experience and other social involvement should be highly impressive.

b.    Acceptance rate : To be on the safer side, try and select the schools which has higher acceptance rate. Top B-Schools are highly competitive and thus the acceptance rate also dips. But you can look into the schools which has the best acceptance rate.

c.    B-School ranking : Rankings also plays an important role. An MBA would definitely give you a boost in your career if you graduate from a reputed B-School. The exposure and network of the top B-School alumni will always help for your career growth.

d.    Career Goals : You should try and understand if the B-School is capable of delivering the right exposure, network and knowledge for you to reach to your career goals.

e.    Employment : As MBA from a top B-School is a huge investment, everyone needs to make sure how quickly you can get the ROI.  Also research on the scholarship availability which will reduce the financial burden.

f.    Location : Try and analyze the market situation and job availability at various locations. It would definitely help you finalize the location and B-School you would like to join.

If you can concentrate on the points mentioned above, you will be able to select the best possible school. However it is very difficult to understand if the schools is a stretch school or a moderate school just based on GMAT score or rankings. Connecting with alumni network prior to applying will also help you to a large extent to identify if the schools fits your profile and if fits into what the school is looking for from you.  Helping you to also understand the admission process and the opportunities that the school can create for your career growth.

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