Average GMAT Score 690 GMAT Range 550-780
Total Applicants 1800 Acceptance Rate 17
Class Size 170 Average Work Experience 68 Months
Applicant Deadlines R1: 10-Oct-2019
R2: 08-Jan-2020
R3: 03-Mar-2020
R4: 05-May-2020
Decision Dates R1:05-Dec-2019
R2: 03-Mar-2020
R3: 08-May-2020
R4: 12-Jun-2020
Length of Program 19 Months Placement Information

Key Points for IESE Business School:

  • IESE was founded in 1958, and comes under University of Navarra. It has campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and New York and has teaching facilities in Munich and Sao Paulo.
  • Barcelona has 45,000 square meter campus,Madrid has 11,000 square meters and New York has 25,000 square meter campus. These campuses have state of the art facilities with latest in multimedia learning technology.
  • Jordi Canals is the present dean of IESE business school where he is also a professor of Economics and General Management.
  • IESE programs and courses have been often ranked among top 10 in the world. Financial Times ranked it No 1 in 2015/16 for executive education programs. The Economist in Global MBA ranking 2015 ranked it No 3 in Europe.
  • There are 45,000 alumni worldwide who excel in their respective fields. They are based in 129 countries and represent wide range of business.
  • IESE campuses are in some of the world’s largest most developed cities. Large number of Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in New York. Some of these are Verizon, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, American Express ,IBM.
  • Companies in Madrid are Vodafone, Canal+ , Orange, Zeltia, Turner broadcasting and many more.
  • Employment placement report for 2015 batch: Consulting 24%, Finance 17% and others 59%.

IESE MBA Essays 2019-2020 (For the class of 2020-21):

Before you start writing these essays, have a look at the word limit. 300 words is not a lot. There is a limited amount of real estate that you have to play with. Let’s get going.

What do you want to be remembered for? (word limit 300 max)

The main purpose of this essay is to tell the ADCOM about the impact you want to leave on others. It may be short term or long term, you can choose either.

If you are writing about a short term impact, choose unique qualities about you and tell how will you use them at IESE. There can be multiple things that you can write about. For example, if you choose to write about your creativity, you can talk about how you wish to start a new club/case competition or even a career trek that will become an integral part of IESE in the years to come and will leave a lasting impact on the students that join IESE ling after you have graduated.

If you chose to write about a long term impact, you can always write about your long term goals and link them to the impact that you believe you can have during the course of your career. It may be through your excellent work ethics, training prowess or excellent mentoring for the new employees in your organization. You can chose your goal and say how you wish to excel not only in it but also how you plan to leave a mark behind.

Describe your short and medium term post-MBA goals? (word limit 300 max)

This is a tough one given the word limit. Treat MBA as a bridge that will take you from your current state to the desired future ling term state.

Start off by writing a little bit about your current experiences, then quickly tell what you lack and how IESE will give those skills to you through its curriculum, clubs and activities. Then talk about your short term goals immediately after MBA. Post this, again talk about how your short term goal will help you gain the necessary skills for your long term goal. Specify the timeline of the long term goal. We would recommend talking about a 10 year time line here.

Optional Essay – I wish the admissions committee had asked me… (word limit 300 max)

Quite simply put, this is an optional essay that is worded in an interesting way. We would recommend to follow our advice for optional essays in general. As the name suggests, this is an optional essay and should be written only if you have something to clarify such as low GPA, low GMAT, gap in work experience, un usual choice of recommenders etc.

Just get in get out and drop the mike!

IESE MBA FAQs for Building Application:

What is avg GMAT score required for IESE MBA?

The average GMAT score for the most recent class is 690.

How good is the IESE MBA for Indian students?

80 percent of the students in the MBA program is from outside of Spain, with 60 countries represented. Countries most represented are Brazil, Germany, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and India.

How does IESE’s MBA differ from other MBAs?

IESE’s MBA is a full-time 15- or 19-month program that has a general management focus with a strong emphasis on global business, entrepreneurship and ethics.

The program stands out for its strong international character, with students who hail from more than 60 countries and faculty members who reflect 27 different nationalities. It also offers a unique bilingual dimension (English/Spanish).

How long does the admissions process take?

Once the required documents have been submitted, the process takes an average of three weeks.

What is IESE’s positioning in recent rankings?

IESE consistently ranks among the top 10 in widely recognized rankings such as the Economist, the Financial Times and Business Week. It is in 12th place globally ranked by Financial times in 2019.

How much does IESE MBA cost – Fees Structure?

The annual tuition fee for the MBA is €44,975. Living expenses in Barcelona are comparable to those in any major European city. Students living alone can expect to pay roughly €2,100 per month. IESE Business School has no on-campus accommodation, but we can assist you with useful resources and advice on how to find housing.

What’s the difference between IESE’s Executive MBA and its Global Executive MBA?

Executive MBA is meant for mid-level management/executive with 7+ years of experience. It is of total 19 months program offered in 4 major cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Munich and Sao Paulo.

Global Executive MBA is for senior leaders from a rich diversity of business and cultural backgrounds. It is of 16 months program offered in 4 major cities like Barcelona, New York, Shanghai and Silicon Valley.