This is a great Interview Experience by an ISB student who requested anonymity.

Having been wait-listed after interview and eventually dinged by ISB in the previous year, I was actually low on confidence about the interview when I got the call again with four days’ notice in Round 1.

Nevertheless, I went to the interview at Taj Hotel @ Delhi with the hope to put my best foot forward. I entered into the silence of a hall where other candidates were waiting. The coordinator handed me a sheet of paper with a topic that I was supposed to write a few words about.

While anxiously waiting for my turn to be called upon by the panelists, I found this writing exercising to be surprisingly relaxing as it took my mind off the butterflies in my stomach. I even had a small chat with the people sharing the table to write and wait.

I was called into my panel where I was greeted by two panelists, both of whom were alumni. Not much time was wasted in the pleasantries.

The first two questions asked were those that I somehow dreaded the most. First – tell us something about yourself. I was upfront in saying that I have always been unsure about how to answer this question and this was followed by a brief monologue from my side. Second – why was I rejected last year? I said one because my application was not written well and primarily because I was nervous in the interview. They asked how about this year. I said I am much more confident about the application and that I am still nervous sitting in front of you.

Then the grilling started. I was asked in detail about the hobbies that I had written about in the application – not to strike a conversation, but to actually test whether I knew anything about what I had written. The biggest part of my interviews was around my goals. I had written about my business plans down the line. I was given questions about sizing and was asked to analyze numbers, etc. I did that all fine. Then about my plans at ISB, be it placements or even otherwise. Cross-questioning followed.

Toward the end, I was given a chance to ask questions. And I asked a lot of questions. This time I genuinely wanted to know stuff as I already had admit from IIM-C and I wanted to take an informed decision in case this too converted.

My interview went on for over an hour, which is well above the average interview lengths ISB conducts. Till date I have not understood whether it was a stress interview or they were really in two minds about me. I got an admit letter on the very first day the results were released for R1, which after full two weeks of contemplation, I accepted.

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