Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the top Asian B-School ranking 27th in Global Top MBA Rankings, Financial Times London. Post Graduate Programme (PGP) is the flagship program of ISB. ISB offers PGP programme concurrently from two campuses – ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad.

Indian School of Business (ISB)  is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) and is the first business school in South Asia to be recognized by this premier global body.

To be eligible to apply to the PGP Program you should have a valid GMAT/GRE score and minimum 2
years of work experience as the average range is 4.6 years but if you are in your final or pre-final year of
your under graduate, you can apply to the YLP (Young Leaders Program) wherein the adcom will block
your seat and offer you an admit once you complete 2 years of work experience.


Application Criteria for ISB PGP Program:

  • A valid GMAT Score – average GMAT Score -707
  • At least 24 months of full time post-qualification work experience by March 31
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
  • Online application
  • Required essays and recommendations
  • Final Interview after application short-listing

Application procedure

  1. GMAT Score – You need to prepare well and crack a good GMAT score (720+) as the average GMAT score is 707 is what is expected this year. Though GMAT is not the prime factor which should be looked upon but still a good GMAT score will increase your chances.
  2. Essays and recommendations- Your essays and recommendation letter play a critical role in giving ISB clarity on your strengths in this section of evaluation. Every year ISB releases admissions essay questions that you need to answer in your application. The essays you submit are evaluated by the adcom and the shortlisted are sent interview invites. Also, attend the ISB info sessions and visit the campus if possible
  3. Interview – The interview will be a discussion of minimum 20 minutes. You will have to utilize time given to you and present yourself as much as you can through your answers. Questions can be asked based on your essays and can go beyond to explore you more about your capabilities and uniqueness.

Changes in ISB admission process

  • Less Experienced Applicants: ISB is known to accept candidates with more than 4 years of work experience for their PGP Program. However this year ISB has relaxed this criteria by introducing an Early Entry Option program. Applicants with less than 4 years of work experience are now eligible to apply for ISB PGP under the EEO program. Candidates are offered with a deferred admission to the PGP program.
  • Change in ISB essays: This year ISB has also changed the selection criteria around PGP essays. The essays now demand more focus on career goals of the applicant.

Selection Criteria:

Every applicant to the PGP Program in Management at ISB is evaluated based on the parameters mentioned below.

Academic Credentials: The adcom evaluates an applicant ability through past academics and GMAT/GRE
score. 12 th grades, Graduation and Post-Graduation grades along with GMAT/GRE score will be
considered. An outstanding GMAT score can counter if an applicant carries low academic score. ISB
firmly believes that a good academic record is an indicator of the candidate’s ability to take up the rigor
of the programme. It evaluates candidates on two things – A high score does not guarantee admission
and a below average score does not eliminate an applicant.

Leadership Potential: ISB looks for well-rounded candidates and people who have demonstrated
leadership qualities in their professional or personal lives. Your personal attributes on various
parameters like think analytically and creatively, communication skills, your ability to handle pressure, innovate, your personal and moral integrity, learnability etc. What initiatives had you taken to make the
difference in the company you have worked for. Your strengths and weaknesses, why are you applying
for the respective b-school and how it fits with your career goals needs to describe in your essays.

Personal Attributes: The adcom at ISB looks for versatile and well-rounded applicants who can
contribute to the society in positive and meaningful ways. Your interests beyond your work life gives ISB
insights on your personal qualities. You can write about something significant or consistency,
extra-curriculars like Quiz, Social Work, Sports which you are truly passionate and how you can
contribute to the various professional and social clubs of ISB.

How to write ISB essays:

ISB has announced the PGP deadlines and Round 1 deadline is approaching soon in mid-September. You have only two months left to plan and prepare for your application essays. How should you go about picking which essay to start with?

The good news is there is you are not the only person with this dilemma. ISB application essays are a window to your profile for the admission committee. There is always a challenge in writing these essays as there is so much to write in limited words. The most important aspect to cover in your essays is what you feel most motivated to work on right now. Contemplate what makes you tick, what you are passionate about, what you honestly want to do in future, your long term and short term goals. Start making a list of your potential recommenders and start approaching them.

Begin drafting your essays soon, as articulating everything you want to cover in the words limits is a long process and takes a lot of rewrites to present it in to a final shape. The best way to keep from becoming a huge ball of stress and anxiety in the process is to pace yourself, and there’s no time like the present to get going.