There’s hard work, and then there’s smart work. To crack the GMAT, you need to work hard, just like everything else. But of course, smart work pays you similar dividends in much shorter time. There is no secret formula which could allow you to game the system, but there are some definite tips which can help you ace the test.

For sure, there are some techniques better than others, some courses are more effective some are less. But that doesn’t sound a hidden key to the test. If you read some of resources available on the GMAT on our website, you will get a fair idea to know about the challenge you face.

Many students jump in to prepare without a strategy.  Learning new material is a big challenge. Typically, everyone preparing for the test is in the same boat, and the same difficulties you’re in. They do not have time to devote on a stretch, they face challenges at work place, and they are generally weak in a particular section.

To reach your goals, you’ll need to invest time and effort.

There are some techniques on how to crack the GMAT :

Technique 1 : The test starts with a 30 mins of essay – Analysis of an argument, and the Integrated Reasoning.  This is the part which does not contribute to your overall score (out of 800). My advice is not to be focused more on Integrated Reasoning section, but rather to aim for reasonable score on this section. This can be easily prepared for, save your concentration for the Verbal and Quantitative sections.

Technique 2 : An important method is to concentrate on the number of questions in all sections. Suppose you have short span of time and have only 5 mins left with 5 to 10 questions left to answer that, I would strongly advice guessing, rather than concentrating on possibly correct solving one or two questions.

Technique 3 : Between your tests, never try to calculate your score. The test is adaptive, but the fact that you have simple problem in front of you doesn’t mean you’re doing very badly.  A problem may seem easy to you, but the machine may consider it is a hard one and increase your score. Keep your inputs till end of the test.

Technique 4: If you’re done with a particular section before time in your mocks, improve your pacing. It does not pay to keep finishing a section before the time allotted, if you’re making costly mistakes to achieve that. Pacing is a very important part of the overall strategy.

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