GMAT is one of the most significant part of your overall B-School admission journey. Hence, every candidate, who is seeking admission in their desired B-School, is afraid of making mistakes on the GMAT. Well, you can find plenty of blogs talking about the things you should do to score high in GMAT but there are hardly some platforms who will teach you the mistakes you should not do while taking your GMAT test.

If you are feeling tripped up in your prep or on the exam, you can find this place helpful and can avoid the most common traps. This blog ridge highly some common mistakes in GMAT preparation procedure, strategies and other specific sections. Just go through them and weed out any error and avoid them in the future.

  1. Studying without a proper plan

GMAT test preparation is one of the crucial procedure but doing it without a proper plan can put all your efforts into vain. Your preparation must be pushed towards your personal requirements and how much you need to improve, what type of specific skills you need to build up. Rather than studying over the night, it’s important to work on the quality of study in which you are putting your efforts. A well planned study of 2 or 3 hours with full dedication can take you to the long way.

  1. Undervaluing computerized adaptive practice tests

GMAT tests are conducted in the form of computerized adaptive test (CAT), so you need to have a proper hang of how things work especially when you are giving your exams very first time. Just mimic the conditions of GMAT when you study. Mimic tests endows you with the potential overviews of each section along with the test taking strategies to have a realistic and reliable sense of your score on the exam. You have to take the tests in the same format as the real test. GMAT practice tests are the representative GMAT Prep Software, which comprises two full-length practice tests authored by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

  1. Not improving your weakness

As a student, you must be aware of your weakness. No matter how confident or intellectual you are, that’s your forte but you need to work on your weakness to make yourself stronger. If you are doing well in one section, you need to work on other sections to take them to the upper level and this is the only way which can help you attain do more score in your GMAT tests. Take initial diagnostic practice test.

  1. Not relaxing your body

It’s ok to have a clear vision of attaining more marks possible in your GMAT tests but besides this you also need to understand the potential of your body. After all, it’s not a machine neither it can work that way. So, make sure that, during the process of super-hardwork to achieve your targeted goal, you also need to give your body and mind a proper rest.

  1. Undervaluing the power of guesses

GMAT is a computerized adaptive format that employs a certain algorithm to fiddle with to your skill level as you go along. It’s not at all designed to get every single question right. It’s important to go through all the questions and give a guess to almost everything rather than checking out the valuable high-mark holding questions.

  1. Not making notes

Sometime, when you already have a lot of hard-work you start considering yourself a superman who holds the power of doing anything. Only because you have learnt so many chapters, you can’t avoid making important notes. Do consider the important questions and make short notes of the same to avoid doing further hardwork. This helps you out to conduct a quick preparation when just a few days left infor the exam…

  1. Memorizing the theory and glossary

A proper effective form of GMAT preparation is not just keeping things stored in your mind; it’s more about learning things and setting the entire beta version of entire thought in your mind. So if you believe you can be a master of memorizing the theory and glossary you are wrong. GMAT is an adaptive exam which focuses more on skills and understanding the concept of a particular topic. Hence practicing through all available materials will not be productive for them. You just need to practice from 2 sets of materials to get the hang of variety of questions.

  1. Phobia for Analytical Writing Content

If you believe you are a pro in writing, approaching to analytical writing task is something you must do like a professional. In order to do well in analytical writing of GMAT, you need to have critical thinking and analytical skills. The assessment is done following the basis of capability to weigh up argument and logical discussion on the given topic. Students should focus on the given tips to practice the analytical writing in a better way. Do take care of incorrect spelling/grammatical errors.

  1. Not Making Outline for Analytical Writing Assessment

There are many GMAT test-takers who are more concerned about the 30 minutes timeline given for essay and start writing it as soon as the analytical writing assessment starts. If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind related to the idea which you want to put while writing essay, it may automatically put you behind or result in creating mistakes. So it’s better to make an outline either on the provided scratch paper or just in the text box. This will help you out to do your task in an easier, faster and wittier manner.

Best of Luck!