IMD Interview Experience 1:

IMD uses one of a kind interview procedure. The regular interview day @ IMD will be as given below –
The first level will be Personal Interview with admission committee member. This is mainly to understand more about you and your accomplishments, career advancement till date and also to assess your communication skills. My second level was impromptu presentation where they provided me a business issue and asked to create 5 mins presentation. After this Next approach was Case study in which Professor from IMD discusses a case study with other candidates. In this level I learnt and experienced IMD classroom setting.

First stage – Personal interview was very much friendly and nice. the duration was about 45 minutes. My suggestion for the prospective applicants would be to be relaxed, talk to your co applicants, construct on their issues throughout the case, don’t be aggressive in approach but be confident and not someone who will get dominated.

The interview questions which I bear in mind were common questions like why MBA? why IMD? Why now? Few questions about my skills and weakness, accomplishments at workplace. I responded to all my questions with practical examples. Got adequate time for this IMD interview and well prepared all my replies synchronized with my application, so my advice would be to know your application well and emphasis on the value you can add to the IMD class.

Ultimately I made it, got admit letter from IMD after around two weeks.

IMD Interview Experience 2:

Hi, I am Rajesh. I have given my IMD interview last year. Interview @ IMD is definitely a entire day process and its quite distinct from other b school interviews.

Part (A) Personal Interview: First part of interview was personal interview which has been taken by the admissions committee. They asked me several questions, below are the IMD interview questions asked to me:

1. Walk me through your resume.

2. Tell me something you did challenging in your work life.

3. Why you have chosen IMD for your MBA?

4. Why do you want to do MBA and why you think now is the right time?

5. What is your plan if you don’t get admitted in any of the b school?

6. What role do you take on in a team? How have you handled a team-based conflict?

Part (B) Impromptu Presentation: After the personal interview adcom has given all the candidates a topic to give presentation on for about 5 minutes. Every candidate was given the same topic for the presentation.

Part (C) Lunch: Then after the presentation IMD provided us the chance to interact with the alumnus of IMD. All IMD alumni were very nice and IMD had assigned us the alumnus from the same nationality and same profile accompany to each of the candidates so that we can discuss about their experiences. It was really very interactive discussion with them. Alumni were also trying to get to understand how you will fit in with the culture of the school and they reported to the adcom what they learn.

Part (D) Case Study: Finally, we asked to present the “Case”. Most applicants don’t know how to tackle a case, but from an adcom’s point of view, I believe offering the case is a stroke of brilliance. Adcom had already provided us the topic of case study 2 weeks prior to the interview and during the case, faculty were observing and moderating the case discussion as you and your peer group dissecting and presenting the case. They were looking for our analysis, teamwork, leadership and presentations skills during the case.

Part (E) MBA Class Observation: At the end all candidates got the chance to sit in the current MBA class and observe the IMD MBA Class being delivered by the renowned professors. Most applicants just observe and don’t participate in class, however, if they are discussing a topic in which you are familiar, I suggest you raise your hand and add to the discussion. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, you should just observe the students and how they interact with the faculty.

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