Georgetown University: McDonough School of Business

Avg. GMAT Score691GMAT Range640-730
Total Applicants1890Acceptance Rate15
Class Size287Avg. Work Experience64
Applicant Deadlines2018-10-09|2019-01-07|2019-04-01|2019-05-01|Decision Dates2018-12-19|2019-03-26|2019-05-15|2019-05-31|
Length of Program21 MonthsPlacement Information

Georgetown University, McDonough Business School is one of the top 50 global Business School. It is ranked as 36th in Financial times global MBA ranking 2014. Faculties in Georgetown University excel at solving critical business issues. Georgetown University, McDonough Business School is the world’s leading academic and research institutions.

  1. Georgetown McDonough School of Business, is ranked 44th in Financial Times MBA Ranking 2016. It is consistently ranked under top 50 global business schools.
  2. McDonough School of Business have more than 40 clubs and organizations.
  3. Georgetown McDonough faculty and staff are experts in research fields. And they are industry leaders, advising global organizations from Fortune 100 executives to high government officials.

McDonough MBA application essays:

Please select one of the following three essays to complete in 500 words or less.

Essay Option 1 – Outside your comfort zone

It can be said that life begins outside your comfort zone. Describe a situation when you were asked to lead outside of your comfort zone. What leadership characteristics did you exemplify in this situation that allowed you to succeed?

Essay Option 2 – Failure to success

“Failure is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to be POWERED by. Failure is the high-octane fuel your life can run on. You’ve got to learn to make failure your fuel.” -Abby Wambach.

Describe a situation when failure has been your fuel. What was your failure (or when did you not succeed to your full potential), and how did you use this as motivation to move forward and be successful in a future situation?

Essay Option 3 – Personal brand

Your personal brand reflects your values and beliefs, and impacts your relationships and community. Describe the personal brand that you will bring to business school using examples or experiences that support how you’ve developed it. How do you believe your personal brand will strengthen the McDonough community? As you complete your MBA program, how do you hope to see your personal brand evolve through the transformative experience of business school?

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