The top business school admissions committees are interested to meet and know more about applicants, how you managed to get that GMAT scores, academic transcripts, and resume. They are keen to understand about you, what motivates you to apply, what makes you diverse from others; also they decide your candidature based on what career goals you have and how you would like to achieve them. Uncovering your inner self, your expectations and ambitions, is the objective of the MBA admission essays.

Before you start to write MBA essays, you should devote some time for critical brainstorming by concentrating on your strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. Think yourself fairly and consider what you would be contributing to a business school and where B-school may possibly enable you to improve. Also, write about the career you would like to build for yourself post MBA and how you could logically accomplish such goals. Ultimately, you must completely research the schools, their programs and courses, and the MBA community. You must attempt to build your MBA essays exciting and contemporary.

Always Keep in mind that the committee members read thousands of replies to the same essay questions, so keep your story interesting by using examples. Your MBA admission essays should be real and opinions should be honest and clean, avoid fake examples and experiences. Communicating the right information about your candidacy all over the MBA application is crucial, and the good MBA essays are your opportunity to justify your candidacy.

Don’t be shy in explaining your career goals in a innovative and comprehensive manner this could be the make or break factor while applying to top B-schools. Along with your career goals, you must also illustrate your understanding about the school and how you will accommodate into its unique culture. To answer this you can try visiting campus and writing about what you experienced there and why that attracted you. Talk about interactions you have had with current students, faculty of the business school.

Ultimately use proper words and communicate well in your MBA admission essays, the good MBA essays are the most effective way for schools to figure out your communication and writing skills. For sample MBA essays visit here.


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