As per some of the most renowned and highly followed media outlets such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and The Economist, IESE’s programs nowadays are consistently ranked among the best in the world. One of the key factors for its high ranking is its world-class faculty that draws students from across the globe. IESE is steadily building a broad spectrum of programs catering to each stage of an executive’s career.


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In addition to its  MBA programs flagship, IESE provides a supreme quality of executive programs delivered in various formats all around the world. It also offers short-focused programs which give students a competent and exhaustive deep dive into a particular topic. IESE is highly regarded as an institute that motivates, develops and brings out the best proficiencies of an individual, leading them to a path for leadership to have an optimum and enduring impact on organizations, people and community.  One thing that majorly separates IESE from the other business school is the combination of the international experience that students get to have during their courses and the unbiased focus on each student. The team you will join during your term will continue with you for the rest of the year. There will be team mates from the different regions and countries of the world including Canada, Ukraine, Philippines, Portugal, Mexico, Spain and Japan.

Working along such a diverse team, will provide unparalleled exposure allowing you to step aside from your individual presumptions and, as a group, surface the real global problems. The other thing which makes you feel special is their sense of individual treatment.

In case if you have any query or you need solutions of any of your course-related issue, you can easily and directly communicate with any of your professors, in a short space of any time. The IESE faculties are ever willing to help, mentor and guide you because your achievement is their biggest success.

How does the MBA degree from IESE impact on your career?

The best thing about having an MBA degree from IESE business school is that it offers you a golden chance to explore a career path that otherwise, without MBA would have been quite a complicated to pursue. It opens the door of opportunities by enabling you to search for your exact passion. IESE gives you wings to fly and tools to explore the different areas and organizations that you have always intended to work for.

IESE Business School Insight At Glance

  • Faculty- 110
  • Ranking in the world for executive education (ET)- #1
  • Executive education programs- 130
  • Campuses around the world: 5
  • MBA Modules Overseas- 5
  • Associated Business Schools in Asia- 2
  • Participants in Alumni Workshops- 33, 000
  • Associated Business Schools on 4 continents- 15
  • Countries in Faculty- 30
  • Custom Programs 120
  • Alumni- 45, 000
  • Full-time MBA Students- 560
  • Global Locations- 15
  • Associated Business School in Latin America- 9

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