The next couple of months are very crucial for ISB applicants. Any individual who is acquainted with the ISB application process is aware about importance of working on ISB applications in August if he is planning to apply in Round 1. Hence to help this year’s ISB Round One applicants avoid the shortage of time here are some basic ISB application tips on how to approach the Round One deadlines at a sensible pace.

Here are a few ISB application tips to take into account when developing your personal schedule:

1) Plan to dedicate more time for your B-school application in August itself – Most of the MBA applicants waste the month of August in deciding whether to retake GMAT, where to apply, taking advice on MBA forums etc and finally they start in September and realize that they cannot complete ISB application within round 1 deadline. August month is great opportunity for ISB applicants to start working and dedicate more time on their ISB application essays.

2) Plan meticulously about your ISB application progress. Prepare well planned schedule and give timelines for each aspect of your ISB application. You can also think about taking a bit of time off from work, a day or two out of the office can definitely help you to think and strategize your ISB application. Applying to ISB is a serious decision that you have taken and in the long term you won’t feel disappointed about having given yourself sufficient time to prepare strong application.

3) Choose your recommenders and talk to them early – It is always advised to talk to your recommenders, inform them about process and timelines. Engage them early. Meet each recommender in August, probably over lunch or coffee. Explain them about ISB deadlines and ISB application process, also share your résumé, a brief write up on your career goals to help them understand and write fair recommendations.

Wish you all the best for your ISB applications!

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