Writing a flawless and profound essay for a successful admission in MBA is one of the most daunting tasks. Any good aspirant for the degree is required to submit his story, goals, and the flavour of his /her distinctive personality with a detailed yet interesting perspective. Now the question arises as to how can one really take the advantage of this part we have total control over. The admission committee and experts get a fair idea of the quantitative dimension a student would bring with the educational qualifications but the matter of concern is the qualitative representation of an individual that is demanded with these essays.

Most of the students who pursue MBA burn the midnight’s oil to get this critical step right. Many find themselves searching for the Harvard sample essay, Columbia sample essay or Cornell sample essay on Google to begin their journey perfectly. But on a sad note these students are left with few or no constructive tools for that great and effective step ahead. Usually, aspiring students commit to devising an identical version of a Columbia sample essay or Harvard sample essay and are left disheartened. Reading or scrolling through sample essays only allows us to comprehend others but does very little on the understanding of our own personalities.

We need to interpret our own diversity, our failures and shed light on the many aspects of our own individuality as we prepare ourselves for this big move in life. If you become the student who read one Cornell sample essay and copy paste it in the best way with the tone of your own voice, following the same timeline and send it across then you will miss on the great opportunity of showcasing your personal brand image. It has been rightly said that “Wanting to be like someone else is a waste of the person you are”. This phrase very well goes with the admission procedure for an MBA applicant and one must certainly not waste the unique style we have.

Business schools want to know the person you are and you have that right opportunity to impress them with your story and hook them along, making them crave to know you more. It is about the representation of who you are which will make all the difference. The idea is not to showcase a glossy, fake and fabricated picture of your personality. The right move would be to know more about your own self and then introduce your existence in the most authentic, simple and creative manner that will blow the mind of the readers.

The perfect move up on the ladder for a successful admission would be to first identify the significance of having a unique voice and how to position it while concerning about the nitty-gritty of language, structure, grammar and then assuring the details of keeping it intact in the flow. Self-reflection and analysis are the keys for that one masterpiece of an essay than just blindly following the blueprint of any Harvard sample essay. Analyzing one’s skills, abilities, potential and having an awareness of the career growth and purpose with that degree is what will set you apart.


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