“Leaders are made, they are not born. The wonderful adage suits perfectly well to ISB’s Leadership Development Programme that has taken the world of business education by Storm. Seriously, it’s indeed an unusual format that opens its door to Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP).

With its ISB MBA or ISB PGP (Post Graduate Programme in Management) programme, the Indian School of Business contributes the organizations in a vast manner by giving them world-class leaders. And it’s not just with the usual degree certified or accredited from the high profile university, it’s a token of success and excellence.

Young Leaders Programme (YLP) at ISB

ISB is one of the largest business schools of ASIA, every year, prepares thousands of world class young leaders from its MBA programmes. The students passed out from here are nurtured so professionally that they are capable to cater to all level of organisations worldwide.

MBA Leadership Development Programs /Young Leaders Programme (YLP) or also referred as the rotational programs are specially designed for the students having Master of Business Administration degrees or other business related master degrees equivalent to the same.

These programs contain the modules which often include the specialized training and monitoring along with the executive-level business exposure with varied geographical and purposeful revolutions and more. As compared to other programs which continue for almost 4 years, these programs are as short as just one year. Thus, most of the students intend to create impactful ISB PGP Application.  

Deeper Insights of ISB’s Leadership Development Programme

It’s a three days long programme which is designed to provide students with the profound understanding of their strengths and areas of interest so as to transform them into the effective leaders of tomorrow.

During the Leadership Development Programs, students are pioneered to the defined ideas of leadership, emotional aptitude, personality development and the derailment. The programme is amazingly designed by taking care of the needs of all young professionals.

Moreover, the training sessions include the brilliant mix of education modes including- classroom teaching, high fidelity business stimulations, and natter training sessions. The given methods are wonderfully used to refine, and expand the proficiency for leadership like-

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Team Management and Team Building
  • Assertiveness
  • Effective Communication and Listening ability
  • Forming high quality Presentations

Students are prepared with almost all the skills required to become an effective leader of tomorrow by developing the acquaintanceship, boosting the knowledge factors, skilfulness and quality of management. Folks during their Leadership Development Programs examine and practice the specified interpersonal skills requisite for leadership and teamwork.

Enrol now to build a bigger, brighter and big rewarding career.