Most of the MBA aspirants from India have this question while planning for their MBA.

You must be confused too, right? Let’s dig into this.

It is difficult to choose between the two. However both these B-Schools are distinct from each other in various aspects. It is very important to understand the requirements of the B-Schools before applying to them.

Campuses and Education Standards

IIMs are a familiar name among the students who are planning for an MBA since decades in India.With its presence in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kozhikode and Lucknow, IIMs have set a benchmark in the Indian management education.
But with the rise of ISB (Campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali) the aspirants from India got a world class B-Schools with international standards. Indian students had reasons to think beyond the Ivey league B-Schools and IIMs.

Number of Seats

IIMs had only a less number of seats for their PGPX programs, while ISB has more than 700 seats for the aspirants which made the candidates attracted toward it.
Unlike IIMs the selection criteria was not too strict which allowed the ISB to gain confidence. But it is not possible for everyone to get an admission at ISB.


GMAT Score

At ISB average GMAT score is around 711 and average work experience is around 4 years. Students with good and proven management skills always had an upper hand at the time of admissions.
However at IIMs the candidate’s previous academics and average work experience of 6+ years was given weightage. This means if you are aiming at the IIMs PGPX program you should start the preparation right from you matriculation rather than an age which you decide to mold your career.


With all these reasons and being one of its kind global B-School in India, ISB started gaining importance among the young minds who are looking to make a career shift and career progress. Moreover ISB also started programs like ISB Young Leaders Program and Early Entry Option which gave options to aspirants to apply while they are in college and soon after their graduations. If you are aiming to be part of this world class MBA program, start your preparations without wasting any time.

Try getting a 720+ in your GMAT and prepare your application essays well. However if you need to talk to the alumni of ISB to understand your chances, you may always write to us at