We’re quite well aware of the vastness of medical industry. When it comes to healthcare and medical, there is nothing else to bounce back as you’re at the right path of a successful career.

However, MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration is quite a generic field in the academic course list but the course possess a broad scope of career opportunities & you will be quite grateful to know it.

MBA in Healthcare – Programme Objectives

In such MBA programmes, professionals have to undertake scrupulous leadership roles in administering and managing hospitals which facilitate them to master a set of core general management skills in Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Strategy and Accounting to unravel the multifaceted, real-world healthcare management problems.

What are the after-program learning outcomes?

MBA programme in healthcare helps candidates to bring on the broadly sophisticated cross functional management skills in finance, accounting, human resources and marketing areas. It helps them to achieve the vast amount of proficiency in efficiently managing the day-to-day operations and functioning of hospitals.

It also helps them in gaining vast expertise in other specialised areas such as Biostatistics, Epidemiology and disaster management. Apart from the normal routine operations of the hospitals, participants during their courses also get an opportunity to put on advanced skill sets that are required for the strategy formulation and implementation, thus allowing them to adding on to its long-term growth and success of their organization.

Top B-Schools in Providing Healthcare Programs:

  1. Anderson (UCLA)

Students interested in the business of healthcare must not look beyond for successful recruitment and careers in healthcare-related fields as Anderson (UCLA) is here to provide you the best MBA in healthcare.

Fee Structure: $3,750* (Approx) May Vary.


  1. Columbia Business School

Columbia business school is widely recognized as the leading business school for healthcare industry curriculum, alumni engagement, recruiting, cross-university collaborations and industry partnerships.

Fee Structure:$107,749* Overall Approx


  1. Darden (Virginia)

Darden Virginia is a global leader in providing best-in-class healthcare MBA to the aspiring medical who want to craft their future in healthcare industry.

Fee Structure: $93,088* (May Vary)


What is the eligibility criteria?

With the huge expansion of technology in Medical sectors, Medical centers, across the globe Including Indian and other countries have started receiving a lot of patients, which has led the mammoth requirements of supporting staff in all available medical sections. For that they required specifically trained managers.

Thus various MBA universities have made it easy for avid individuals. For the admission, employed professional need to hold an integrated first degree of BITS Pilani or something equivalent/MBBS or its Equivalent with at least one year of minimum relevant work experience.

At the same time, professionals must have 3 year undergraduate degree with postgraduate qualifications in medical or alternatively i medical, healthcare management, paramedical or allied may also apply.


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