If you are reading this, you know that an MBA from a top B-School can instantly boost anyone’s career. However, the big question is how do you fund the humongous tuition fee and the living expenses for the 2 years?

One of the ways to tackle this question to apply for scholarships that can be received through the school or through other channels.

Reliance Industries have created a fellowship program to help Indian students who want to pursue MBA at Stanford.

This is a great opportunity for the candidates and can definitely help in planning for the MBA.

In order to receive the scholarship, you need to apply for the scholarship through Reliance industries and then separately apply for Stanford MBA. Just getting one thing does not guarantee the other. You need to be accepted at both places to receive the scholarship.

However, the scholarship provided by Reliance does come with a condition. The awardees of this fellowship program need to return to India after the completion of their course to work in India for at least two years.

Let’s try to dwell deep into the details of the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship:

Course: Only the students of the Master’s program are eligible for this fellowship.
University: This fellowship only covers the Master of Business Administration course at only Stanford University in the USA.
Nationality: Only Indian nationals are eligible for this scholarship.
Scholarship application: The application of scholarship is not done along with the MBA application, the application need to be submitted externally.
The frequency of issue of amount: The scholarship is given on a yearly basis. In this case it will be provided twice ( once each year).
The amount given in scholarship: The maximum amount given to each student is : USD 92,638 (63,88,316 approximately ).
The Expenses covered under the scholarship : The scholarship would almost cover 80% of the tuition and other fees of the selected students.

The reliance scholarship would only cover certain costs and the following is the list of those expenses:
o Tuition and Fees
o Living Expenses
o Health cover
o Others

The fellowship conditions also specify the type of expenses for which the amount can’t be used. The following are the expenses which are not covered by the scholarship:
o Accommodation
o Air Fare or Travel expenses.
o Spouse care or Child care.
o Application costs

Eligibility Criteria for the scholarship:

Reliance Industries have laid down a few points as the criteria for the eligibility of the scholarship. Here are a few details of the criteria:
• Upon the completion of the course, the fellowship awardee needs to come back to India and work in an Indian company for at least two years.
• The fellowship awardees need to not only work in an Indian company but also live here for at least two years.
• Dhirubhai Ambani scholarship requires candidates to take a few or one of the following exams, few of the exams also have a minimum required score:
o IELTS: Minimum required score- 7
o PTE: Minimum required score – 68
o TOEFL : Minimum required score -100
• Candidates are required to finish their under graduation in any field by the time of application.
• Aspirants should obviously meet the eligibility criteria of the Stanford GSB program’s application.
• Reliance Dhirubhai fellows are shortlisted on the basis of merit, commitment to developing and financial need. Generally almost 50 candidates are shortlisted as the fellow finalists.
• Subsequently only three candidates will be awarded the fellowship. Stanford university makes this decision on the basis of the candidates’ intellectual vitality, personal qualities and contributions and demonstrated leadership potential.

Documents required for the application of the scholarship:

The following are the documents candidates need to submit in order to apply for the scholarship:
• CV (one page)
• Essays ( 250 words)
• Official Transcripts
• Financial and Tax related documents.
• Letter of recommendations: applicants need to submit two LORs highlighting their professional career.
• Academic certificates and documents.
• GRE or GMAT official score document.
• Certificates of relevant honors or awards.

Important Dates for the Scholarship Application:

4/22/2019 Application submission starts
5/28/2019 Application submission ends
6/20/2019 Finalists Notification released

Round 1 and 2: To Be AnnouncedFinalists to prepare and submit Stanford MBA application
Round 1 and 2: To Be AnnouncedStanford releases admission decisions, including those for Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows
September 2020Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows matriculate in Stanford MBA Program

Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship aims at funding brilliant Indian minds to study in Stanford and work in the country for few years for its development.