Average GMAT Score 708 GMAT Range 600-780
Total Applicants 2740 Acceptance Rate 25%
Class Size 454 Average Work Experience 65 Months
Applicant Deadlines R1: 13-Sep-2019
R2: 03-Jan-2020
R3: 05-Mar-2020
R4: 22-Apr-2020
Decision Dates R1: 20-Nov-2019
R2: 31-Mar-2020
R3: 21-May-2020
R4: 18-Jun-2020
Length of Program 21 Months Placement Information

London Business School is one of the world’s top business schools. London Business School’s MBA maximizes student potential through a rigorous and challenging curriculum. London Business School MBA programme develops managers who can demonstrate truly global business capabilities, have strong analytical skills and a core grounding in finance, strategy, marketing, operations, accounting, leadership, entrepreneurship, economics and organizational behavior.

London Business School MBA Application Essays For 2019-2020:

LBS Essay 1:
What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)

LBS Essay 2:
Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (Optional) (500 words)

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London Business School MBA: FAQs

How much does LBS MBA cost?

Tuition fees for the London Business School (LBS) MBA 2019 intake are £82,000. The figure covers the full 15-21 months of tuition and course materials.

In addition to the School fees, there is a Student Association Fee of £240 that covers the Student Association (SA) subscription. Also covered by your fees are flights and accommodation for your Global Business Experience.

Is work experience necessary for MBA in London Business School?

The average amount of work experience is 5 years (participants from some countries usually have less work experience than the average since their undergraduate study may be longer than others and/or national service has meant they started work later than others).

What is London Business School known for?

London Business School (LBS) is best known for its MBA program which is available as both a full time and flexible schedule program. They also offer a one-year Masters in Management as well as a two-year Global Masters in Management.

LBS also offers an Executive MBA geared towards mid-career managers. This course is offered at both the London and Dubai Campuses.

What is the eligibility criteria for London Business School?

 LBS MBA Applicants should fulfil the following admissions requirements:

  • an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification
  • a minimum of two years’ work experience
  • the ability to work in multicultural teams and an international outlook
  • You must have a valid GMAT score before submitting an application. LBS also accepts GRE scores.

What GMAT score is required for London Business School?

The average GMAT score for the Class of MBA 2020 was 707, with a class range of 600 to 800. Just as a high score does not guarantee admission, a below average score does not always eliminate a candidate. You should however note that 600 is the minimum score that is accepted.

Does London Business School accept GRE?

LBS accepts the GRE score for admissions, however, they have asked candidates to be aware that some employers may ask for a GMAT score.

What is the career after LBS MBA?

As a general management programme, the LBS MBA is good preparation for any job that requires general management competence.

The MBA caters to people working across an increasingly wide range of industries – everything from finance, consultancy, manufacturing, to healthcare, tech and the luxury goods industry. Increasingly, some use LBS MBA to help them establish their own business or return to help run a family business.

Does LBS have a part time MBA program?

Yes, the LBS Executive MBA is a part-time programme designed for those in full-time employment. In the 20-month programme, classes are run fortnightly on Fridays and Saturdays during the first year of the programme. In the second part greater flexibility is offered, as electives can be chosen which run at different times, including in the evenings or at weekends. However, the average EMBA is a mid-career manager with an average of 10 years’ experience, so the programmes are not directly comparable.

Can I earn during the LBS MBA Program while studying?

When researching the cost of the LBs MBA, you can take into account the earning opportunities that students have while on the programme. In 2016, summer internship salaries averaged £1,064 per week (10-12 weeks’ duration), and the top earnings were £2,500 per week.