TATA group is India’s very own corporate royalty. Tata Administrative Services is the best that this royalty has to offer in terms of learning and development. TAS is a premium leadership program that nurtures young talent to be future leaders. It will give you an opportunity to learn for the best in the industry and hone your skills to take up the positions in the creamy layer of the corporate ladder.

That sounds fascinating. Doesn’t it? However, TAS in-house program is specially designed for TATA employees. If you are a TATA employee and want to know more about this program or an aspiring TATA employee who likes to be proactive and be prepared in advance, this article is for you.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritties of the TAS in-house program now.

Are you eligible for TAS in-house?

You are eligible to apply for the TAS in-house if you are the following:

  • A permanent employee of a company or joint venture of TATA group.
  • Working with TATA for at least 2 years and not more than 6 years ( with work experience continuously on permanent payroll for 2 years)
  • Management trainee, Graduate Engineer of a structured group program whose has joined before 15th September 2016.
  • An employee who has gone through at least 2 performance appraisal cycles continuously.
  • Have a valid GMAT score and have taken GMAT after June 2013.

So are you eligible for the TAS 2018? If yes, you better start preparing for the program right away because it is high time. TAS 2018 was launched on November 20th 2017.  The last day to register for TAS is February 5th 2018.

How is the process of selection going to be?

Naturally, for such a prestigious program the process of selection is going to be tight. High-level management of the TATA group would be monitoring this screening process. You need to clear various assessment rounds before claiming a seat in the TAS program. These are different levels of the selection process.

  • Application: if you meet the eligibility criteria for the program as mentioned above. You can apply for the TAS program. At the first level, your application would be screened.
  • GMAT Score: Every year TAS program officials announce a GMAT score cut-off. You can only go ahead in the selection process if you have a GMAT score higher than the cut-off score. Hence, try to get a score as higher as possible to have better chances of getting into the program. The GMAT cut-off for this year would be announced on February 12th
  • Leadership Group Discussion: If you are shortlisted for the further rounds, the first round you would face is the leadership group discussion, where you would be given a case or situation to analyze and come up with valid and feasible solutions as a person in a leadership position.
  • Case Presentation Round: If you can make it to the shortlist after the leadership group discussion. You would have to make a detailed presentation about a case given to you, following which the panel would ask you questions about your case study.
  • Final Interview: Almost at the finish line, if you clear the case presentation round you would be facing the senior -most executives of the TATA group such as MDs, COOs and CXOs for a personal interview. Be ready for some top class grilling in this round.

Your performance in all these above rounds will decide if you get to join the elite TAS group. Though few of these rounds may sound very intimidating, if you prep well and put your best foot forward, it is not impossible to get through the TAS in-house process.