When you are planning intensely to get an entry to your dream business school, one thing you are fore sure, prepare with is the “GMAT”. Yes, you do have your GMAT score card, but most of the time you are not sure whether you have got decent score nor not. You are always puzzled about retaking your GMAT/GRE score. So now the question is, whether should retake your GMAT or not? Let’s find out…

What if you have over 720 GMAT score?

If you have scored more than 720 in your GMAT exam, then answer is probably “No”. There is no sense to retake your GMAT. It will be just like rebuilding the engine of your new car which is completely fine. However, when you have this giant GMAT score, you should not be overconfident about your MBA application as 720 is just the number which will help you in many cases but not in all cases. It’s just that, if you have done this wonderful job after achieving such good marks in GMAT, you should work on other areas like cracking group interviews, writing great essay answers etc.

What if you have scored between 650 to 720?

If have got somewhere between 650 to 720, you are still at the respectable stage. This is also in the top quartile. Candidates with this score are accepted at the top business schools every year. This score speaks clearly about your wonderful academic ability. However, if you are kind of a ‘GMAT king’ then you are free to go and achieve more than 720. Otherwise there is no need to take it because you already have a good score.

What if you have score between 600 and 650?

Don’t be upset guys! You are still above average, not that great, but yeah, it’s average. However if you want to retake it, you need to grab more detailed cost-benefit analysis. Ensure first, whether you have your heart set on a top tier business school? Are you indeed exceptional and believe that you can achieve more than your existing score in next attempt where hundreds of other intellectual people are also applying for the same.

If you want to do something extraordinarily well, you can do it. Please keep in mind that unless you don’t put in a truly monstrous amount of prep time and energy, you won’t be able to change your score much. So before the idea of retaking your GMAT comes in your mind, be prepared for hardcore preparation with full intensity.

What if you have scored under 600?

If you are applying to a business school with this much of GMAT score, don’t worry, it’s not that bad. And in case if you need a little higher score, say up to 50 points higher, then you can easily achieve it with some solid preparation and planning. Ro in case if you want upto 720 then you need a lot-lot-lot of hardwork but you should probably go for this. But if you are not able to give your full-force efforts, please, don’t even think of retaking it. Consider the overall balance of your application, GMAT is just one aspect of your b-school application overall preparation.

Final Words:

If despite of all those logical studies, you’re looking ahead to retake your exams then make sure that you follow a strict study plan, use best books and resources, cultivate your mind to enhance your memory, intuition to decrease the stress. With a right amount of dedication, hardwork and preparation, you can easily do it…