INSEAD is a college where you find maximum diversity in a batch. INSEAD MBA Application is also designed to get maximum knowledge about the candidates and their background. This helps the students to get maximum exposure to different cultures and business practices.

INSEAD has for rounds of application deadlines, and round one, two and three has the maximum chances of getting an interview call than round 4.

Like any other school, GMAT is mandatory for INSEAD and average GMAT score being 710. Apart from GMAT, INSEAD admissions committee looks at the candidate’s academic skills, international exposure, leadership skills and ability to add value to the program.

INSEAD applications essays are also tricky and the answers should reflect who you are and what you can be with the help of INSEAD. Once you submit your essays, the admissions committee will review the application and recommendations and shortlist the profiles for interview accordingly. Interviews are mostly held in the country where you live in.

Before submitting the applications, make sure that you review them with your peers, family, friends and alumni if possible. This will bring out the best possible essays with minimal errors. Also try not to fill extra things expecting to impress the admissions committee. Before giving you the admission, the Adcom reviews your application approximately three times to make sure that they get the best students in the class, keeping in mind the diversity factor.

Try to keep the INSEAD MBA Application essays simple and write only your true experiences.