A substantial number of B-school aspirants always deliberate on which round to apply to. This mass always wonders which of the rounds holds the maximum probability of getting in  the desired B-school. ISB has 2 rounds of admissions each year. The school gets a chance  to interact with as many applicants as it can and choose only the best in class. ISB makes it a point to intake the same proportion of diversity in both these rounds.

This article uncovers various facts around admissions to ISB.

Fact 1: You have to introspect and think through your present professional life. If the much awaited promotion or recognition will happen only after or around round 1 deadline, then you are better-off to apply in round 2. The recognition/promotion gives you another talking point in your application essays.

Fact 2: If ISB is your dream school and you have strong professional, academics and extra-curricular experiences then it makes sense to secure a seat early on and relieve yourself off the pressure to wait till the very end. Round 1 is for you here.

Fact 3: If you are meritorious or in need for a scholarship then apply in round 1. Although ISB will give you lot of opportunities to apply for scholarships throughout the year, most of these scholarships are exhausted in round 1 itself. The scholarships offered in round 1 cover majority of the tuition fees.

Fact 4: If you dream of other B-school than ISB but would like to pursue an MBA in the upcoming session anyhow, then you may apply in round 2. You can optimize the intake rounds to the maximum and to your advantage. Your dream school should be priority 1 and thus apply there in round 1. Thereon. keep on decreasing the priority based to the desire of getting into the B-school. The priority should evaluate to the round that you should apply into. This gives you a chance to wait for a final offer from the choice of your school while not missing on other options.

Fact 5: Application essays are the most time consuming part of your entire application. Hence, irrespective of the round, it is advisable to start with the essays early on. If your essays do not reflect or thought process and the round 1 deadline is approaching fast then defer your application. A well-laid down essay structure is always better.

Fact 6: In case of reapplication, you should know why your application was rejected in the previous attempt. For the feedback you could either get back to the school or take help from professional consultants. Once you are clear on the reasons for not making it to ISB, you may like to talk about the major improvements in you since the last time you applied. The above mentioned facts apply to reapplicants too. Hence the reapplicants should also look at where they are in their career trajectory and may like to apply in round 1 if things are positive.

The writer of the blog is ISB alumnus and to take consulting advise from ISB alumni, please reach out to info@genedmba.com