MBA from a top B-School is a dream of every person who is looking to make their first step towards shifting their career and being in a management and decision making role. There are various factors involved in the admission process. GMAT, Selection of right B-Schools, MBA Application Essays, Resume, Interview; all holds a lot of importance.

For most of them MBA is a goal, to achieve greater heights in their professional life. Huge amount of dedication, hard work and skill set is required to fulfill your MBA dream. Try securing the best possible GMAT score, which will give you a lot many options for you in terms of B-Schools. Once you have decided on the B-Schools to apply, starting early will give you time to do the research on the schools and their requirements. Based on that, the applicant can structure his/her application essays. This will also help the candidate accustomed with the B-School and its methodology.

Starting early will also give you the freedom to think deeply about the smallest of things in your professional life and this could sometimes impact the application positively. The better you know about the schools, the better will be your preparations. The anonymity factor slowly fades giving you the exact picture even before you join your coursework.

So it’s always better to start early to create a flawless application and prepare for your dream B-Schools.