Most of the GMAT takers find it difficult to manage their GMAT preparation along with full time job. Some people opt for 2-3 months off from full time job and prepare for GMAT but it is difficult for majority test takers to get some time off from their routine jobs. We have seen busy professionals preparing well for their GMAT and scoring brilliantly while managing both work and life. Clearly, preparing for GMAT while working is achievable if you have focus, determination, and a well prepared study plan. Here are a few GMAT study tips that will help working professionals:

1. Measure your knowledge on verbal and quant techniques before you start – You should have proper clarity on your weaker areas where the exact preparation is required. For this you can plan for taking one of the official GMAT practice tests, as it gives you an idea of how much you need to improve and in which specific sections.

2. Prepare and strategize your GMAT study plan – To get most out of your study time and prepare efficiently you need to first target the areas of the GMAT test where you score the lowest. Focus should be on weaker areas. For example if you have strong quantitative skills but have difficulty on verbal questions, then you should spend the majority of your time working on verbal questions.

Sometimes you may also need to improve substantially in both quantitative and verbal. In such cases you should focus on what types of questions in each section you feel challenging to crack and emphasize on those.

3. Understanding the GMAT concepts – Improving your score on the GMAT is all about becoming acquainted with the GMAT concepts and how the GMAT test tries to put these concepts in the form of questions. You will gain expertise when you consistently spend time with a particular subject.

4. Self-motivation and confidence – Certainly you will go through tough times, when you feel tired after long day at work, when the needs of work or life disturb your concentration. In such situations self-motivation and confidence will help you to overcome tough situations. Understand the importance of GMAT in application process for top B-schools and imagine how it will change your life and career if you succeed in getting an admit from a top B-school. This will certainly act as strong point of motivation and build your confidence.

Above few tips will help you get through and tame the GMAT, and should prove that you can still study well for your GMAT along with your jobs. The hardest part is finding the time. If you are looking for professional GMAT coaching and GMAT tutoring then avail for our GMAT Preparation CourseĀ and register for free GMAT demo class today.


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