Harvard School of Business is one of the top most business school in the world. It is ranked number 1 in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2014.

Harvard MBA Interview Experience 1 : Hi, my name is Linda. I availed General Education’s Interview Preparation Service for Harvard Business School. I am sharing my interview experience of Harvard Business School. My interview started with some break-the-ice conversation and the interviewer started asking me about my campus visit experience. There were two interview panels during the interview. One interview panel has already gone through my profile and one panel was the observer. I am sharing few questions they asked me during the Harvard Business School Interview.

1.    Tell me something about yourself.

2.    Why did you choose engineering?

3.    Why you want to do MBA from HBS?

4.    You are already well settled in your career. Why you want to do MBA at this stage of your career?

5.    How did you make the transition?

6.    Do you have any question for us?

Harvard MBA Interview Experience 2 : Hello, I am Jatin. Harvard Business School interview was one of the toughest interview I have given so far. It was a grilling interview. My interview went for about 30 minutes. There are few interview questions I remember from the interview are:

1.    What are your short term and long term goals?

2.    Your resume says you have travelled across the countries for work. How do you adjust to new culture/countries?

3.    Tell me about your leadership role.

4.    Tell me about the challenges you have had at work.

5.     What would you like us to ask you?