Avg. GMAT Score690GMAT Range610-750
Total Applicants969Acceptance Rate41
Class Size147Avg. Work Experience60
Applicant DeadlinesR1:19-Sep-2017
Decision DatesR1:03-Sep-2017
Length of Program24 MonthsPlacement Information


Notre Dame MBA program has been ranked 20th among U.S. business schools by Bloomberg Businessweek, and 27th in the US News business schools survey, the Notre Dame MBA’s program size allows a tight-knit community of learners to experience two years of learning and immersion in the community and culture of the University. Notre Dame MBA program is academically rigorous and responsive to the demands of the marketplace. The result is a program that is flexible, intense and focused on teaching students how to lead with their values; to develop and implement solutions to tough business problems; and to appreciate and serve the greater needs in society. Notre Dame MBA application essays are as below:

Notre Dame Mendoza Essays 2017-18:

Answer any ONE of the following Essays.

Essay Option #1
At Mendoza, we encourage our students, faculty, and staff to Ask More of Business. We embrace a threefold commitment to achieve this goal:
1.Greater Good
2.Effective Organizations
3.Individual Integrity

Tell us about an experience in which you lived out one of those values.

Essay Option #2
The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842, by Father Edward Sorin, C.S.C, with a mission to become “one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country”. In 1879, Father Sorin’s vision for Notre Dame appeared to be at a sudden, abrupt end. A massive fire destroyed the building that housed virtually the entire University. Instead of giving up, Father Sorin interpreted the fire as a sign that he had dreamed too small, and decided to rebuild, bigger and better than ever. That Main Building still stands today, topped by the gleaming Golden Dome, not only as an iconic campus building, but as an ongoing symbol of perseverance and vision.

Tell us the story of a time in your own life or career when you had to overcome an obstacle, start over, or rebuild.

Essay Option #3
We seek students who will become active, engaged members of our student body. Tell us about how you were able to make an impact at your alma mater, in your workplace, or in your community.

Essays 2015-16

The essay should be a maximum of two pages, double spaced, with your name at the top of each page. It should address the following question:

Your responsibility as a lifelong member the Mendoza community is to Ask More of Business – to personally exemplify the three supporting tenets of individual integrity, organizational excellence, and a concern for the common good.  How do you plan to do this as a student and in your professional career?

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