Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business is one of the top MBA business school and ranked 34thin Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2014. Tepper School of Business attracts many Indian applicants. Average GMAT score for Tepper School of Business is 691.

CMU Tepper interviews are generally conducted over a skype call if the applicant is outside U.S. or the alumnus and on campus interviews. Tepper interviews are taken by the admissions committee member.

Tepper Interviews are generally held for about 30-40 minutes. The interviews at CMU Tepper held very casually and the interviews panel makes the candidate very comfortable during the interview.


CMU Tepper Interview Experience 1:

Hello, my name is Linda. Last year I availed General Education CMU Tepper Interview Services. I want to share my Tepper School of Business interview experience with you all. My Tepper School of Business interview went for about 30 minutes and the interview panel were very friendly and made me comfortable throughout my interview.

There are few CMU Tepper interview questions admissions committee asked during the interview:

  1. Walk me through your resume.

  2. What is your long term goal?

  3. Why do you think CMU Tepper can help you to achieve your long term and short term goals?

  4. How can you contribute to class?

  5. Any question for me.

CMU Tepper Interview Experience 2:

Hi, my name is Trisha, I was interviewed by the Tepper admissions committee. And the interviewer had already gone through my application prior to the interview and was aware about my profile. Interviewer was very friendly throughout the interview.

  1. Why you want to do MBA at this stage of your career?

  2. What is the best you like in CMU Tepper?

  3. If you have worked in a team tell me your role in the team. Give me an example where you were a part of a difficult team situation and the steps you took to resolve the issue.

  4. Where do you see your career unfold in next 2 years/5 years?

  5. Do you have any question from me?

CMU Tepper Interview Tip:

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