Avg. GMAT Score662GMAT Range590-730
Total Applicants606Acceptance Rate19
Class Size115Avg. Work Experience48
Applicant DeadlinesR1:16-Oct-2017
Decision DatesRolling Admissions
Length of Program22 MonthsPlacement Information

SMU Cox MBA Essays 2017-2018:

Essay 1. What are your post-MBA goals upon graduation? Please be as specific as possible, which might include desired roles, target companies, and/or industry. (250 word limit)

Essay 2. In three words, how would a coworker or professional mentor describe you? In three words, how would your closest personal friend describe you? (six-word limit)

Essay 3.Think of an event that has changed your perspective in the last three years. Describe how this event has impacted your personal or professional outlook. (250 word limit)

Essay 4. Business is an ever changing and evolving entity. Individual’s plans and interests can change as a result of industry downturns and/or emergence of new opportunities. Keeping an open mind while navigating your career is an essential component of success. Should the short-term goals you provided above not materialize, what alternative direction would you explore? (250 word limit)

SMU Cox MBA Essays 2016-2017:

Essay 1. What has led you to pursue a graduate business degree? Please identify your short and long-term career objectives, an explanation of your decision to pursue this degree at this point in your life and your specific interest in the Cox School of Business. (500 word limit).

Essay 2. Only Masters of Arts dual degree candidates (MA/MBA) need to answer question 2B. All other candidates must answer question 2A. Please ensure you submit the question which applies to your program of interest.

2a. (MBA and JD/MBA students only) The Cox School of Business seeks students who desire to become leaders with purpose – those who will positively influence the global business community, whether in a small way or on a large scale. What have you done thus far in your academic or professional career to make a difference? (500 word limit)

2b. (Masters of Arts joint degree students only) How do you plan to make an impact on the arts/non-profit community and how specifically would your graduate education help you do so? (500 word limit)