Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University or RSM is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. RSM is ranked one of the best Business Schools in Europe and top 30 in the world for Business and Management Studies according to the QS ranking. Financial Times ranked RSM’s MBA 37th in Global MBA ranking in 2018. 97% of the MBA class are International giving you a chance to work closely from diverse backgrounds.

Avg. GMAT Score640GMAT Range
Total ApplicantsAcceptance Rate
Class Size106Avg. Work Experience6 years
Applicant DeadlinesDeadlines for Jan 2020Decision DatesRolling Basis
Length of Program12 MonthsPlacement Information

Admissions eligibility:

• An undergraduate degree
• A GMAT/GRE report
• At least three years of postgraduate professional experience
• Ability to contribute in a multicultural setting
• English language proficiency

Admissions requirements:

• Completed online application form
• Two letters of recommendation
• Kira Talent video response
• One prepared essay
• Interview
• Satisfactory GMAT/GRE score
• Official transcript from your college or university

Rotterdam MBA application essays 2019-2020:

Essay 1: Describe how the socio-economic environment in which you live/work impacts your business decisions. (+/- 500 words) Please explain your answer and use examples from your own experience whenever possible.

This is a great essay topic that requires a lot of thinking. The ADCOM is trying to gauge the depth of your thought process s- whether you stay superficial or go deep to understand about any issue.

The best contenders for this essay would be any situations that have impacted you personally. It is very easy to talk about the grave and dangerous situations that the world is facing but the ADCOM wants to
know something personal.

When choosing a situation, chose one that has had a great impact on how you have changed/altered after that. Clearly describe what the situation was, were you faced with any choices, if yes, what did you chose and why. And most importantly what did you do to change the situation or what were your lessons from that situation. It is very important to write about what did you learn.

A rough break down of the real estate could be:

  • Stating a situation – 50 – 75 words
  • How did it impact your life/business – 200 words
  • What choices did you have – 100 words
  • What did you learn/how did you act – 100 words

Essay 2: Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its effect on you.

To answer this question effectively, make sure to encapsulate the following pointers in your essay:

  • Pick the right challenge
  • Discuss how you weighed options
  • What choice did you make
  • What did you learn
  • How have you changed since then.

You might have seen a trend here. We are focusing on the lessons learnt again and again. This is because the ADCOM wants to understand how adaptable you are and how do you implement those lessons.