University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

Average GMAT Score 726 GMAT Range 690-760
Total Applicants 3700 Acceptance Rate 15.4
Class Size 590 Average Work Experience 65 Months
Applicant Deadlines R1: 26-Sep-2019
R2: 09-Jan-2020
R3: 02-Apr-2020
Decision Dates R1: 12-Dec-2019
R2: 26-Mar-2020
R3: 07-May-2020
Length of Program Placement Information

University of California – Berkeley Haas School of Business is located near San Francisco, which is very near to top technology companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc., MBA students at UC – Berkeley Haas complete their course in 21 months in full time mode.

Key points for Berkeley Haas Business School:

  • Berkeley Haas is the second oldest business school in US, and located in bay area close to a great city San Francisco.
  • The two faculty members from Berkeley Haas namely, Daniel McFadden and George Akerlof receives the Nobel Prize in Economics over the past 20yrs.
  • Berkeley Haas offer gracious areas of expertise to the Global Network for Advance management, an international partnership of 28 members.
  • Berkeley Haas has more than 40,000 alumni.
  • Berkeley Haas MBA Program create modern leaders who know how to generate new ideas within work, and to do so periodically
  • Haas MBA program gives you the size and depth of knowledge to be a leader in any type of Industry, including global firms, nonprofits, startups, or your own business.

University of California Berkley Haas Essays 2019-2020 (for the class of 2020-22):

Essay 1:

What makes you feel alive when you are doing it, and why? (300 words maximum)

Essay 2:

At Berkeley Haas, we are redefining leadership. We value different opinions and perspectives, recognizing that we always have more to learn about others’ lived experiences and histories. We encourage speaking up and listening, and courageously use our power to address barriers and drive change for positive impact.

Tell us how a Berkeley Haas MBA would enhance your leadership profile, incorporating specific examples. (300 words max)

Optional Essay:

We invite you to help us better understand the context of your opportunities and achievements:

1. What is the highest level of education completed by your parent(s) or guardian(s)?

  • Did not complete high school
  • High school diploma or equivalency (GED) Associate’s degree (junior college) or vocational degree/license
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS)
  • Master’s degree (MA, MS)
  • Doctorate or professional degree (MD, JD, DDS)

2. What is the most recent occupation of your parent(s) or guardian(s)?

  • Unemployed
  • Homemaker
  • Laborer
  • Skilled worker
  • Professional

3. If you were raised in one of the following household types, please indicate:

  • Raised by a single parent
  • Raised by an extended family member (grandparent, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousin)
  • Raised in a multi-generational home
  • Raised in foster care

4. What was the primary language spoken in your childhood home?

5. If you have you ever been responsible for providing significant and continuing financial or supervisory support for someone else, please indicate:

  • Child
  • Spouse
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Extended family member (grandparent, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousin)
  • Other

6. Please elaborate on any of your above responses. Alternatively, you may use this opportunity to expand on other hardships or unusual life circumstances that may help us understand the context of your opportunities, achievements, and impact. (300 words maximum)

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FAQs on Berkeley Haas MBA Application

What are your chances of getting into Berkeley Haas?

The full-time MBA program at Berkeley Haas has an acceptance rate of 12%. The average GMAT score is 726 and the average work experience is 5.4 years with significant job impact. Hence, chances are good only with outstanding academic scores and professional achievements.

General Education’s consulting panel of top B-School Alumni and Admission Experts can help evaluate your chances and address your application and essays in a way which highlight your strengths and overcome your shortcomings.

What is Avg. GMAT Score required for Berkeley Haas?

For the Class of 2020, the average GMAT score was 726 with the middle 80% range from 690-750.

What is the acceptance rate for Berkeley Haas? 

For the Class of 2020, there were 3821 applicants. The acceptance rate for Berkeley Haas full-time MBA program was about 12%.

Is getting an MBA from Berkeley Haas worth it?  

Berkeley Haas MBA program is ranked #10 in FT Global Rankings and #6 by US News Rankings. It is one of the top MBA programs in the world.

The total cost of the Berkeley full-time MBA program is $101,534 for out-of-state students as per the official website. The mean annual base salary post-program is $ 127,571 with an average sign-on bonus of $29,212.

94.4% of the Class of 2018 received job offers post program. Roughly 25% of the class went into the consulting sector, 24% went into marketing and 16% went into finance.