ISB (The Indian School of Business) is one of the leading business schools in ASIA that is known to cultivate champions for the corporate and academic worlds. Thus for the avid students who want to complete their MBA programmes through ISB, here we’re to put some light on its core programs YLP and PGPM.

What is ISB-YLP?

YLP stands for Young Leaders Programme. It is basically a foundation programme which leads to FT ranked, Post Graduate Programme in Management at the Indian School of Business. YLP is basically a deferred admission option designed for highly potential college students who pursue their Bachelor’s or Master’s education. Before enrolling into the full-time programme, admitted students gain a perspective on management education and get a brighten opportunity to transform the uncertainty into confidence.

Whom it is designed for?

YLP program is designed for the highly talented group of students and assist their mentorship to make their path of high performance right from the beginning of their career. The program is structured with a clear vision i.e. to step up their professional growth. The young students who manage to make this program are idyllically placed to transform themselves into the outstanding business leaders.

Why YLP?

YLP leads to learning and mentorship and building the immense network, it also leads to YLP-PGP scholarships and guarantees the admission to the post graduate program in ISB*. And this is the reason why YLP is also described as YLP = (Guaranteed Admission to PGPM + Mentoring before MBA).

What is ISB PGPM?

PGPM at ISB stands for Post Graduate Programme in Management. It’s a carefully structured one year programme that develops the leaders and integrates a practical industry application with a painstaking and research based avant-garde prospectus that incorporates the practical industry applications with a rigorous, cutting-edge, research-based curriculum. The PGPM program is meant to sharpen up your skills and challenge the conformist astuteness.

Whom it is designed for?

It’s a one-year perceptive programme that is designed for the professionals who want to study management mid-career. It allows professionals to budge tangentially into the professional roles, or into the roles of larger responsibility & prepare themselves for the tough entrepreneurial journey. PGPM brings a life to the several practical business scenarios. The program helps professionals to hone the practically industry application and works well towards improving their decision making approaching by challenging their beliefs.


There are various reasons that professionals should consider PGPM at ISB where some of the core advantages are that, it’s a short term (one year) programme that’s far advantageous over the traditional MBA programmes. It incorporates the global curriculum that teaches you the best management practices from around the world. There is a vastly experienced and varied peer group that provides you with the comprehensive learning experience inside and outside the classroom. And its distinctive portfolio faculty model brings the top academicians from each authority under one umbrella.