There is plenty of misconception that securing a job in UK for MBA graduates is difficult. In-fact it requires right knowledge, skills and lot of preparation and one can definitely secure a job.

There are plenty of exemptions that a student is entitled to which will help the process of securing a work visa easier for a Tier-4 visa holder. Last year more than 5000 international students successfully switched from a Tier-4 student visa to a Tier-2 work visa and secured a full-time job offer.

The students from top schools in Europe and UK (Oxford, Cambridge & Imperial etc.) are offered up to 6 months to find a suitable job once they are done with MBA under the pilot scheme. Since job employers start visiting the universities for recruitment’s, students can look for jobs many months before completing their MBA course. Job vacancies typically open up more than a year in advance and this is how most of the students plan to secure a job in UK.

Most of the vacancies for the upcoming jobs will be filled up if the students wait till they graduate so it’s better to start job hunting ahead of schedule. Candidates can also attend job fairs or visit other universities for looking for a suitable employer. is the UK Government website which has listed several jobs in top companies like BMW (UK) Holdings Limited, IBM UK Ltd, Amazon UK Services Ltd., Curtis Banks Ltd, Arab National Bank, Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd, Joe Macari Ferrari &Maserati Aftersales, eBay (UK) Ltd, Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Ltd and many more to secure work visas

Use the links mentioned below to look for UK jobs

The best way of saving time and making sure of landing in a good company and not getting rejected is to make sure you apply to those companies who have license to sponsor international students and make sure you grab ever opportunity that comes in your way. Use the link mentioned below to know the list of companies who have license to sponsor working visas for international students.

Make sure you are well prepared and have done ample amount of research before applying as most of the companies do not accept re-applicants for at-least 6 months minimum.