ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme) is all about opting talented folks who truly wants to give their career a shining shape. ISB YLP is a challenging foundation that eventually produces the superlative post graduate programme in the field of management at ISB.  The programme largely selects a pool of skillful students and provide them with the mentorship to heighten their performance right from the initial stage of their career.

Candidates who get into these programs experience drastic difference in their professional growth. However, making a way to this programme still seems to be a toughest nut to crack. If you’re also facing hurdles then here are a few points to work on which ISB YLP immensely focus before selecting students.

Check out these ISB Application Preparation Tips to Successfully Make Your Way to ISB YLP

  1. Apart from valuing the rich experience as well as the potential to pop up as the leaders in the industry, selection committee at ISB YLP prefers students who know their story better and have the clarity about why they want to opt ISB only.
  2. Moreover, how do you perform during interview and present yourself via essay also play a vital role. Extracurricular activities in 10th, 12th, graduation and GMAT score also counts. You also need to have leadership potential with the experience on responsibility held, Stuffs performed outside the curriculum, Projects, buoyancy etc…
  3. It’s important to be good at studies but besides that, you also need to show your talent besides this league as a brilliant debater, dancer or sports person so that you can contribute to the class diversity.
  4. GMAT score is not only the parameter. A lot of people have misconception that ISB accepts candidates with 700+ GMAT score but that’s not true. According to the previous records, ISB do accept students with the GMAT score lesser than 700 that too.
  5. Last but not the least, ISB prefers opting creative people who have different approach towards life and career. But make sure that you’re only different in a positive way, not weird.

In order to assess your potential, give yourself time and ask yourself, what are those attributes that makes you different and why ISB should choose you as their preferred student over others? You will surely get worth-accepting points. So before you apply for the admission in ISB YLP, follow these points and be the one to join your dream institute ISB.